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Snake Foot

What’s more rare than hen’s teeth?

How about a snake leg?

Oh, wait. They found a snake with one leg and a clawed foot in China.

The woman who found it in her home beat it to death, but preserved the body.

Freaky stuff.

The Telegraph has the whole story of the legged snake.

Photo: CEN/Europics

Snake Nearly Swallows Whole Kangaroo Video

This is an obvious case of the snake’s eyes being bigger than its stomach jaws.

It reminds of the video of the snake regurgitating the baby hippo.

Gluttony in nature is one ugly thing.

Vodpod videos no longer available.


Snake Week Ends With Brady Barr Getting Bitten

We’ll end Snake Week with one story where the snake is winning for a change. This video clip from National Geographic show host Brady Barr in waist-deep water struggling with a giant python which didn’t welcome the visit. According to Barr, he got “a really bad bite.”

I’ll admit, he’s my least favorite nature show host. I lean more toward the Jeff Corwin style. Corwin is funny and gentle and tries to disrupt the animal he’s encountering as little as possible. Barr always ends up thrashing around and seeming to put the animal in huge distress.

Nothing against Barr and all the research and conservation work he’s done, but, in this case, I was in the snake’s corner.

Vodpod videos no longer available. from www.break.com posted with vodpod

And thus we bring a close to the inaugural Snake Week here at the Squirrel Queen’s house.

Hope you enjoyed this reptile ride.


Snake Week Collides With Easter Bunny

When I turned this into Snake Week, I didn’t think about it coinciding with the Easter holiday.

I was rolling from rattlesnake vodka to St. Patrick’s snake cleansing of Ireland and on to motorcycle mishaps attributed to rattlers.

However, the calendar is telling me Easter is just a few days away.

In order to get everyone in the mood for egg hunts and milk chocolate bunnies while still carrying out the reptile theme, I present you with this video bit.

And don’t fret when you start watching, the furry one wins.

Please note, no animals were harmed in the making of this post.

Rattlesnake Vodka is Meaner than Bacon Vodka

I understand there’s a buzz in the liquor world over Bacon Vodka, but a man in Texas has come up with something with more bite – Rattlesnake Vodka.

Agents for the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission seized 410 bottles of the hissing vodka that each included a 10-inch long rattlesnake from Bayou Bob’s Brazos River Rattlesnake Ranch in Palo Pinto County.

Supposedly, there’s an aphrodisiac quality to the reptile-infused illegal hooch.

Sure, eating the worm in tequila is supposed to provide visions. Imagine the kick this venomous vodka could provide. That’s just what the authorities thought.

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Internet searches show Bayou Bob’s isn’t the only location selling exotic libations which are popular in Asia. Thai scorpion vodka, cobra whiskey, giant centipede whiskey, herbal gecko lizard wine and Mekong River eel wine are ll available online.