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Bigfoot on craigslist

Who knew Bigfoot would show up on craigslist?

A poster on the site requested anyone who had lived through a Bigfoot or Sasquatch sighting contact him via e-mail with the promise of confidentiality.

He got a response on craigslist from someone who claimed to have laid eyes on Bigfoot. However, the witness was begging that anyone else who had seen the big hairy beast not respond in order to allow the elusive creature to continue to exist unharmed.

Bigfoot keeps getting the love all over the intertubes.


Six Million Dollar Man v. Sasquatch

So Newscoma’s wheels have been out of commission for weeks now. It started with one repair and turned into a total transformation. Apparently, she barely avoided a close brush with the grim reaper while riding in this death mobile.

The list of things getting fixed on her car has turned into one of those crazy long scrolls of paper kids unfurl when they’re sitting on Santa’s lap at the mall in Hollywood comedies.

She’s never given her car a name like some people do (not me), but I’ve come up with a moniker for her vehicle, now to be forever known as Steve Austin – the Six Million Dollar Man.

Knowing ‘Coma’s love for Bigfoot, Freaky Weasel pointed out the connection tween Steve and Sasquatch.

How could I have forgotten.

Squirrel Queen Searches for Sasquatch

When I think Bushnell, I think of binoculars scanning the distance.

It seems the company has branched out beyond the distance-viewing glasses to sell trail cameras.

These cameras are normally strapped to trees and, triggered by motion detectors, used to capture big game on film. Deer are usually the focus in North America, while bigger game can be spotted on other continents. Here are some of the shots of nature captured by their cameras.

Now Bushnell is setting up a contest to reward $1 million bucks (in cash, not multi-pronged antlered deer) if one of their cameras produces a shot of Sasquatch.

Details are sketchy. It’s almost as if they don’t expect to ever have to award the prize money, but they do have the notice on their web site.

Good luck on your Bigfoot hunting expedition.

And, should you win, be sure to share some of that money with the Squirrel Queen for giving you the heads up on this contest.

Baby Sasquatch (aka Poorwhitustrashus Mulletus) spotted at WallyWorld

The folks at Your Opinion Doesn’t Count weren’t looking for a crypto-moment when they went shopping at a giant retailer, but they took advantage of their chance encounter, snapping pics of this baby Sasquatch roaming the aisles.

Read more about their efforts to stalk and document their sighting of this fine and healthy example of Poorwhitustrashus Mulletus.