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Indian Robot Rampage

I ran across this clip from the Indian science fiction film clip that is ASTOUNDING!!!!!

I’ve seen two spellings for the name of the flick – Enthiran and Endhiran. The Indian to English translation for both those words must be Awesome!

If you can watch this with a straight face, count me impressed.  I grinned, giggled and guffawed while watching.

Robot Squirrels and Giraffe Love

It wasn’t that long ago that Squirrel Queen proved her legion was taking over the planet by making the screen cap above. Squirrels dominated the news on Yahoo.

Today PopFi is having a squirrel fest.

The fun site (yes, I know some folks who post over there, just to be fair) has a story about a robot squirrel and a pic of an acorn lover getting a big wet french kiss from a giraffe.

First the Innertubes and then the world.

(Cue maniacal laugh)