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Vision Quest

So I spent the majority of Monday on a day long drive from the office to a tennis match to another tennis match to a softball game and back to the office.

It was a long day, nearly 200 miles and several different towns and cities.

I spent most of it by myself in the car. Part of the time driving I was on the phone, but most of it was just good old me, myself and I.

During the course of the day I saw tears of sadness and exhaustion followed by tears of joy. The joyful emotion came not from an athlete but from a parent.

I saw heavy, black thunder clouds that transported tornadoes that ripped up a few communities I didn’t drive through.

I saw a coyote trotting through a field. I don’t know its destination, but I believe it was racing to find a safe spot ahead of the storm.

I saw a rainbow.

I think it was some sort of vision quest day.

1,2,3,4 – Feel Good Friday

Friday is finally here, but actually it seems like this week has flown by.

Just like Coolio, I’m telling everybody to “get your woman on the floor.”

Dancing would be a good thing, if not tonight then tomorrow night.

No matter the journey to get to the party, never forget, you’ve got to get up to get down.

Others participating in FGF include Ginger, Heartbreaktown, Sharon Cobb, Chez Beziat, LeBlanc, Sista Smiff, Mack, Hollywood Ron, and it gets even Thicker. Newscoma is having issues loading her song of choice today, but maybe she’ll get that tune up later, and I’m sure more folks will pitch in with their music of choice for this last day of the work week.

Traveling Vicariously Via Vespa

Meet Eric and his Vespa.

They’re traveling along Route 66 this summer on a journey entitled Scoot66. The former book store owner was hoping to cover the distance in 66 days, but is running a bit behind.

He’s currently in Idaho and the weather isn’t playing nice, but the scenery there has impressed him. Idaho, go figure.

For those of us whose vacations have been derailed by real-life expenses, health, etc., we can at least travel vicariously with him as he wanders across the U.S.

Check out his journey, his rants, his history lessons, his pics and his music.

Maybe Jeffraham can rig up some sidecar sort of thing on his scooter so he and Curly and Larry Elvis and the gang can make their own crazy trek.