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ITISY – Bird Watching

It was a bird watching sort of day for me yesterday.

As I mentioned back in the fall, the trees in our yard and the neighborhood are often filled with all types of birds.

Early in the morning, I spotted a pair of woodpeckers darting about in the bare trees in my neighbor’s yard. I’ve seen one occasionally, but on this day I noticed two of them flying together from branch to branch and tree to tree, pausing to peck a moment before moving on to find a new spot to look for a bug breakfast.

I’m not sure what variety of woodpeckers they were, but I did use my google-foo to learn that they mate for life, meaning they stay together until one of the pair passes away and then the surviving bird will find another mate. Awww, sweet.

Later that morning, on the way to work, I had another bird encounter.

There is a flock of pigeons I regularly see hanging out on the power lines in one certain area. Just your average pigeons colored in shades of gray and lavender. However, they’ve got a new addition to their group and this one is a stark white in color.

It stands out from the others like a sore thumb, or at least a sore thumb with a big white bandage on it.