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Snap – Project 365 2008

Well, my Project 365 for 2007 didn’t exactly add up to 365. I did take a lot of pics last year but got lax in adding them to my set and then just quit adding them at all. I’ve still got most of the ones I took, even though I didn’t fulfill the “pic a day” requirement. Maybe, when I get my new PC in, I’ll step back in time and add all those to my site.

I’m off to a good start this year though.

I haven’t posted any yet but I have been diligent in taking photos for my 2008 Project 365 grouping. I finally got a lot of this month’s stuff uploaded onto my flickr account.

Instead of subjecting you to all 31 pics from this month in this post, I thought I would just add a couple of my favorites from the first two weeks of the year. If you want to go over and see the rest I’ve uploaded so far, click the link above.

This one is my niece’s plate. They eat these french fries shaped like smiley faces, which is weird by itself, but when you add a schmear of ketchup it looks like the smiley was slaughtered. I couldn’t look away from it once I got that visual stuck in my mind.

This one was taken just a minute or two after midnight. It’s from the champagne bottle we used to celebrate the evening. It provides its own guidelines on the safe way to pop the cork for those who are complete idiots or have already opened three or four of these bottles and are so drunk they don’t remember to point the cork away from themselves during the opening process. Brilliant, and I’m sure it saves them any liability when one-eyed litigants try to sue them.

This one caught my attention for representing all the scofflaws and rebels in the world. We don’t read your stinkin’ signs. Poo on you and your rules ! I bet those pesky parkers walked on their grass too.

I’m going to try to get the rest of the pics up on the flickr site and then update the blog daily from that point on.

Wish me luck.