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Om Nom Nom Nom

Suddenly I’m very hungry.

(Don’t let the still image on the video fool you. It’s not overtly sexual in nature and very safe for work, etc.)

It Came From Outer Space – Boy Hit By Meteorite

Over and over Chicken Little get a bad rap for saying “The sky is falling.”

A German kid found out that it’s the truth.

The 14-year-old boy was struck in the hand by a tiny meteorite.


Back in May, NPR had an interesting story about an auction for a meteorite and the person interviewed talked about meteorites that hit something other than the ground being worth much more when the gavel dropped. The auction they spoke of has already taken place, but the info shared is interesting.

Facebook Flipouts

I never got a MySpace page. I figured I could express my moods  just as well here at ye olde blog.

However, Newscoma finally talked me into getting a Facebook page not too long ago.

It’s ok, but I don’t put too much personal stuff up over there. I don’t shoot people with water guns and I haven’t joined a mafia. I don’t plant flowers or send flair. I just keep up with people in my community.

Atlanta Falcons offensive lineman Quinn Ojinnaka may want to think about backing down on the amount of time and personal stuff he puts on Facebook. The NFL player was arrested and charged with simple battery after he and his wife got into a brawl when she discovered he was talking with another woman on Facebook.

He claims she stabbed him with a pen.

If she’d used the Mil-Tac Tactical Defense Pen, he might not have been able to throw her down the stairs and then she could have used it to sign all the police paperwork.

Five Levels of Lucky

Lucky, lucky, lucky, and I’m not talking about a three-legged, one-eyed dog.

Check out the close calls in this video. There’s no gore for the squeamish among you.

Some of the reaction times by the folks in this thing are bordering on tortoise-like.

Squirrel Rescue

Don’t mess with my legion.

I’ve shown you before that they’ve got some made squirrel-fu skills.

Now, they’ve combined that with a fierce maternal nature.

Check out this momma squirrel vs. dastardly dog encounter with a baby squirrel at stake.

Slightly Warped has the whole sequence of photos from danger to squirrel rescue.

Hat tip to Some Geek In Tennessee

Saying So Long To Bush

I know it’s a couple of days after the fact of Obama replacing Bush, but I just came across these ads that ran.

One is for a hair removal product and the other promotes an external power source.

Bush Philips link

Bush Veet ad on Give Up the Internet

It’s All Fun and Games Until Someone Loses an Eye

A classic example of Karma and paybacks played out in short film format.

It takes a bit to get to the payoff, but it is well worth it during this tale of angry lovers reconciling during a drive across town.