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Wang Dang Doodle – Weird Chinese Dining Delicacies

Everyone has Beijing Fever this week it seems.

No, it’s not some new version of the Avian Flu, it’s the media frenzy leading up to the 2008 Summer Olympics hosted by Beijing.

Along with all the stories about smog and Internet access in the host city, I ran across a story about unusual Chinese dining delicacies.

Garry Linnell, a reporter for the Daily Telegraph in Australia, spent an evening in a Beijing restaurant sampling four varieties of animal peni. Yep. You read that correctly; he ate multiple varieties of penis and went about describing his culinary adventure as fatty, chewy and bland.

Donkey, deer, sheep and oxen all gave up their lives and their male members to Linnell’s meal.

For his blog review of his meal and a link to the video of his repulsive repast, go here.

Into this boiling stock go the penises. A few minutes later the first is hanging from my quivering chopsticks. Ox penis, says the waitress, is full of protein, good for the skin and aids longevity. And the deeper its colour, the more effective its properties.

I think you’ll be glad I had trouble getting their video to embed.

It’s fun and gross to laugh at this menu option until we remember our American culture also has a history of nibbling on the naughty bits.

To help erase this from your brainpan and to feel a bit better about Beijing, go look at all the lovely topiaries they’ve planted and sculpted to beautify the city for the Olympic games.


Beijing Trims Its Shrubbery For Olympic Topiaries

With the opening ceremonies less than a month away, the Chinese are putting away all their lead paint for toys and spiffing up the joint in preparation for the 2008 Olympics hosted by Beijing.

They’ve been busy scooping the algae out of the bay where the sailing competitions will be held, translating their menus into English (which includes some dishes like “chicken without a sexual life” and monitoring the smog levels.

They’ve also been busy trimming their shrubbery as well.

In the Beijing Olympic Gardens, the hosts have been busy creating giant unusual topiaries.

Here are a few of the images. You can see more of them and descriptions at Life in the Fast Lane.