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Bacon Turtles

It’s been a while since I shared some bacon goodness with everyone who stops by here.

I ran across this the other day and have thought about it more than once since discovering it.

What has captivated my imagination and my salivary glands, you ask?

Bacon turtles

It’s a hamburger patty topped with cheese and wrapped in a woven bacon shell with the hot dogs stuffed in there to form the turtle appendages.

Heart attack inducing? Of course.
Tasty? My guess is yes.

Via Interwebs Randomness and Other Inspiring Tales.

Om Nom Nom Nom

Suddenly I’m very hungry.

(Don’t let the still image on the video fool you. It’s not overtly sexual in nature and very safe for work, etc.)

International Sushi Day

Nom, nom, nom.

The Squirrel Queen loves sushi.

Today (June 18, 2009) is the first Internatonal Sushi Day according to a Facebook group and the Squirrel Queen would love to put some chopsticks into action within the next 24 hours.

However, there is a bit of sushi controversy as the site Sushi Day (which has glorious pics to salivate over, recipes and nutritional info) claims they had the “first International Sushi Day” back in November of 2006.

Time for a sushi showdown.

I think I’ll just sit on the sidelines and order up a roll or two and feed my need for SUSHI.

Although, here in Hoots, that will really call for a roadtrip. Newscoma has already documented the area’s faux sushi a.k.a. ham sushi.

Image credit: Underthebutton.com