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Going to the Chapel

I’m in Memphis for a wedding today. Here’s hoping for a wonderful day and many, many, many happy anniversaries for Dabney and Glen.

I understand there will be cupcakes at the reception. It has to be better than a 42-pound cheeseburger as a wedding cake.

Giant Bleeding Heart Gummy Candy

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching.

I know all of you out there are wondering what to get your loved one … flowers, chocolates, a massage.

How about a bleeding candy heart?

Come on. Nothing says “love” like an ooey gooey sticky sweet treat that gushes blood with every bite. Nom nom nom.

Of course, this gift might not be the best for those “faint of heart”, but who wants to hang out with them.

via ThinkGeek

Fidelity Video From The Courage Campaign

On this day for love, I present the Fidelity video from the Courage Campaign.

Ken Starr and the Prop 8 Legal Defense Fund have filed briefs trying to annul the 18,000 same-sex marriages carried out in California before the elections in November 2008. The Supreme Court will hear the arguments on March 5.

You can sign a petition asking the Supreme Court to uphold the promise of equality stated in the Constitution to the 36,000 people in committed relationships who were wed in California last year.

Love conquers all.

Internet Love = Geeky Cakes for Grooms

We’re into the month of June and wedding bells are tolling all across the nation.

In California, the matrimonial bliss is expanding to include same-sex couples.

Elsewhere, the Internet is bringing together more and more people who might never have met without the help of a PC or Mac.

With the proliferation of Web hook-ups, we’re getting geekier cakes for the grooms.

Now, in “my neck of the woods”, the chocolate cake is often covered with deer or ducks or four-wheelers and guns.

Thank goodness, the creativity involved in most of these cakes goes beyond the influence of cammo.

The first cake pic shows a couple’s online profile photos they used on the dating site where they met on a pair of sweet cake computers.

There are more cakes here that feature Star Trek, computer code, World of Warcraft, etc…

Joy, Love, Family

That ringing in your ears may be coming from all the wedding bells tolling in California to mark historic and long awaited events.

California same sex couples are having a big week with the freedom to obtain marriage licenses and have legal weddings bestowed upon them by the courts as of June 16, 2008.

For a slide show filled with wonderful photos of people in love (many of them have shared that bond for decades) and their momentous weddings, click here.

It’s moving to see the joy on their faces in shot after shot after shot of the happy couples.

Captain Kirk the Red Hot Lover

I’m by no means a sci fi Star Trek geek, but it never fails that an episode of the space travel TV show makes me giggle at least twice.

One of those giggles is usually because Captain Kirk is having some green alien babe with an intricate beehive, twirly hairdo trying to get into his tight black uniform pants.

It happens at least every other episode.

If you’re curious about James T’s space nooky, PopFi has several links that have the lowdown on the Captain’s insatiable appetites.

I do know one thing, after seeing the pic above, I’ll never question his manhood.