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Knitting With Cigarette Butts and Dog Hair aka Gee, Your Sweater Smells Funny

I am a non-smoker and it chaps my butt when I see cigarette butts lying about.

They’re gross and not going to decompose anytime soon.

They multiply faster than bunnies, it seems. There’s definitely a never-ending supply of them.

I finally ran across one way to recycle them – clean the filters and use the fibers in them to create yarn and knit.

Treehugger has the story about Chilean designer Alexandra Guerrero and her latest creations.

I figured since Aunt B. is planning on taking up spinning yarn and is a non-smoker this might not appeal to her.

However, I know she and Ms. Wigglebottom might be more interested in this option – Knitting With Dog Hair.

I’ve got some mutts who will be willing to contribute to a lovely scarf or cableknit sweater.

Macabre Plush Toys

This is no Princess Unicorn we’re dealing with here.

Although PU did come with a warning on her box that stated: “The spike on Princess Unicorn is incredibly sharp, so Princess Unicorn can pierce the sky. It can also pierce your skin. Handle with care.”

No this unicorn is from a group of gory macabre plush toys on designboom that also includes a reenactment of what happens when you run with scissors or encounter a shark or alligator.

I think the knitted dissected frog fits right in with this group.

H/T to Yes, but no, but yes

The Knitted Dissected Frog

As Christmas and Black Friday approach, I know I’m beginning to try to think of the perfect gift to get for everyone important in my life.

I’ve come across one item that may not match anyone on my shopping list.

It’s a knitted, dissected frog available on Etsy.

I have documented my lack of crafty skills previously, however I do know crocheting and knitting are two different things, but I wonder if Aunt B has considered using her hooks to come up with something like this. She’s usually creating anatomically correct items.

How about amphibians?