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Oscar recap

 So, it’s over. The 80th edition of the Oscars has come to an end.

I watched it all. And I have to give it, as a production, a C+.

No more, no less.

John Stewart, the host, was somewhat average to mediocre. Again, the Barack Hussein Obama comparison to Gadolph Titler joke was probably the highpoint for me from him.

There just wasn’t that one moment from the broadcast which jumped out. There were no one-armed push-ups or streakers or native Americans accepting awards in lieu of an actor to spice up the event.

No controversy. No great surprises.

Oh well. I’m sure I’ll tune in again next year. Thanks for coming along for the ride tonight. If you noticed more typos near the end, attribute that to the champagne being imbibed. Oscar night is a holiday here at the Squirrel Queen’s house.

If you came over here from Sharon Cobb‘s blog, thanks for visiting. And thanks to Sharon for sending you my way. I hope I didn’t disappoint her with my efforts. I know she was already disappointed that “Across the Universe” didn’t get more Oscar love.

Movie lovers, head back to the theater, buy a jumbo popcorn and enjoy and we’ll meet here again next year for No. 81.

Wii at the Oscars

                                                         So John Stewart and I have something in common here on Oscar night. We both played Wii tennis. I also added a little Wii bowling to my repertoire. And my Wii fitness age today was 23. No lie. Top that!!!!!

Gratuitous Nicholson joke

John Stewart did the obligatory Jack Nicholson as cad joke. Ba-dum-dump.

At least he’s not wearing a beret this year.

First Oscar Norbit reference

So host John Stewart has made his first reference to the Eddie Murphy stinker Norbit, nominated for Best Makeup.

It seems he’s struggling a bit. Not rock solid, rolling in the aisles stuff just yet.

Although Gadolf Titler was a great way to wrap up the opening bit.

Dishing up the Oscars

We’re minutes away from Kickoff. No, wait, that was the Super Bowl.

Let’s try again. We’re minutes away from some goofy musical number to open the 2008 edition of the Oscars. It’s the 80th year for the golden statuette. Happy Birthday.

Andy hopefully John Stewart feeds us plenty of belly laughs.

Hang around as I live blog Hollywood’s big night.