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Soccer for Halloween

I had to go to Jackson to cover soccer for work last night, therefore no Halloween partying for me.

During my drive, I did take pleasure in looking for spooks and haunts out scavenging for candy. I made a mental list that included, in order of appearance, an adult scarecrow riding as a passenger, a convict and a skeleton trick or treating together, an uncreepy clown, a sexy pink bunny, a fairy and a monarch butterfly riding with a ghoul who looked a lot like a zombie Uncle Fester, and a cowboy.

However, I did not spot this awesome family of Wild Things riding the subway.

As posted on BuzzFeed.

Sushi Halloween Costumes

We’re closing in on the big scary night of Halloween.

If you haven’t already bought your $1 pair of reading glasses and some hair dillies to do your finest gosh darned Sarah Palin impersonation, you might want to check out the 10 “freshest” costumes I’ve seen in a while.

Here are a couple of samples.

For the rest of the top 10 Sushi costumes, visit Trend Hunter.