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Hairy Situation In The Gulf

The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is such a tremendous tragedy.

The gallons keep pouring out and it’s just a matter of time before the shit hits the fan oil hits the sand.

I had heard some tidbits about the use of human hair and animal furs to help absorb the noxious mess before it reached land.

Then I ran across an environmental page at Change.org that illuminates how we citizens of the planet can pitch inĀ  in several different ways.

Upon spotting a link there that mentioned shaving your poodle to aid the cause, I clicked the link to Matter of Trust’s website. I didn’t realize just how amazing the fur/hair option is in cleaning up the oil spill.

This isn’t a new thing. They’ve been working since 1998 out of San Francisco.

There’s more info about it all in this video.

So shear those sheep, ship your sheers. Whatever it takes to save the gulf.

The Scent of Mullet

Mmmmmmmmm mullets.

Business in the front and party in the back.

Who knew you could buy an air freshener that captured the essence that is the 80s hairstyle?

Apparently you can.

My guess is it smells a whole lot like Aqua Net.

And what does Bambi have to do with this hair-smelling piece of cardboard?

Via Fail Blog.

For more mullet links, it’s Squirrel Mullet Mania.

Elvis and Mama

Is it just me or does Mama have a little bit of an Elvis snarl and some hound dog sideburns? All topped off by Priscilla’s Aqua-Netted hair-spectacular.

Ahhh, the 70s.

And if I’m not mistaken the kid in this pic fell into the chocolate river and went on to be sucked up into the Fudge Room in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Poor Augustus Gloop.

I found this pic over at Gelmania, but if you want to see plenty more of the same ilk, don’t forget to stop by Awkward Family Photos. Oy!

John Travolta’s Hair Captivates Nation

I thought it was just me, but apparently I wasn’t the only one struck dumb by John Travolta’s “hair” on Oscar night.

I mentioned the Popeil spray-on coif that Vinnie Barbarino sported on the red carpet and during his presentation of the Best Original Song Oscar.

It seems the entire world of web surfers are also still craving more of John’s hair don’t. I’ve had in one form or another, multitudes of visitors to this blog seeking to find the truth atop Travolta’s scalp.

The closely-cropped coif was an odd, unnatural Just for Men sort of color and was altogether creepy in general.

It’s like an X-Files mystery. Mulder and Scully could come out of retirement to seek the alien source of these “follicles.”

Maybe it could be some new reality show. Call Mark Burnett, stat.

For a man who once teased teens with his lustrous black locks, this was about as disturbing as seeing him in his Battlefield Earth get-up.


John Travolta’s Hair II

Again, I can’t help but stare at John Travolta’s hair or the Ron Popeil spray creation on top of his head as he presents the Oscar for the Best Original Song, from the movie “Once”.

Oh, and yes, this was the song I was rooting for.