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Feel Good Friday – Tiger By The Tail

It’s the last day of the work week for most folks, so we need some Feel Good Friday tunage.

In honor (or should that be dishonor) of Tiger Woods‘  first public statement since he crashed his SUV on Thanksgiving and then crashed the rest of his life as a result of his personal misteps becoming public, I present to you Buck Owens and the Buckaroos performing on Hee Haw!

Yep, it’s Tiger by the Tail.

Kangaroo Two (Balls that is)

Squirrel Queen recently documented the kangaroo boxing phenomenon.

Now I’ve come across another roo-umentary of a bouncing beast banging his bells back and forth on a golf course. This actually made the news Down Under.

The payoff starts at the 24-second mark.

Bing, bang, boom.