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Man Saves Dog From Shark – Darwin List Averted

How much do you love your pile of mutts?

Enough to nab your beloved canine from a shark’s clenched teeth?

That’s what one Florida man did when his tiny terrier Jack, who enjoys a daily swim off the Islamorada key, got chomped by a hungry shark.

The pet’s owner dove in off the dock like a “battering ram” and slammed into the back of the shark’s neck, startling the toothy beast and forcing him to let the pooch loose. Jack swam the few yards to shore followed by his owner without further attack from the sea creature.

Jack is one lucky dog who received plenty of stitches, but will be okay after his aquatic adventure.

My slumbering mutts at the top of this post have never seen an ocean, let alone a shark, but they do like leftovers from Long John Silver’s.

The Miami Herald has the whole story and a slide show.

Is it an orangutan? Is it a Sasquatch?

squirrel donut bigfoot orangutan

Floridians have been busy spotting large orange animals in the trees in their local neighborhood. Some saw baby Bigfoot. Others saw Clint Eastwood’s furry pal from 1978.

Area wildlife agents are now claiming the treetop critter is one of my legion.

Might be. The agent used donuts as a lure.

I know the Squirrel Queen can’t resist the allures of a little fried dough with a sweet and sticky glaze.