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Mickey Rourke Rambles At The Spirit Awards

I didn’t get to watch the Spirit Awards live last night due to work, but watched the follow-up airing later in the evening. I love the Spirit Awards for their eagerness to shine the spotlight on the independent underdog.

The Wrestler won the most honors including Best Feature, Best Cinematography and Best Male Lead for Mickey Rourke’s comeback performance.

Rourke has been a  red-hot, steaming mess in recent years, a Hollywood rebel who fell out of favor in the City of Angels.

His rambling acceptance speech showcased some of why he fell off the glamour list no matter how great an actor he is.

He gave shout outs to his best friend, director, the Santa Monica police and his recently deceased dog. He almost forgot the name of his costar and then talked about her stripper pole skills.

You just have to see it for yourself.

The folks at the Oscars have got to be cringing today as they loosen up their fingers that press the bleep button, just in case he wins tonight.


Crazy for Coen

If anyone stops by this blog often enough, they know I’m crazy for Coen.

Yes, sure I like this Cohen, I’ve cast a vote for him whenever possible, but that’s not who I am talking about.

I’m tap tap tapping on the keys right now about Hollywood’s Coen brothers.

I just got great news from Joe Powell and his always informative Camera Obscura series.

It seems the brilliantly talented siblings have another comedy to bring to the silver screen.

“Burn After Reading” features some of the brightest stars. Clooney, Swinton, Pitt, Malkovich and McDormand are the headliners in this caper comedy.

The trailer just teases us by saying “Coming Soon” at the end without giving us a target date to look forward to, but actually September 12 has been picked as the US opening date.

The flick was supposed to play at Cannes, but wasn’t ready in time. Instead, the Venice Film Fest will be the debut for their latest work.

I’m already itching to get my ticket and sit down between the cupholders.

Here’s the trailer.

Coen Brothers Are Brilliant

Flipping through the grid on the tv this morning I could have kicked myself when I realized I’d missed a showing of the Coen Brothers‘ “Miller’s Crossing” from 1990.

I haven’t seen this gangster flick by the Oscar winners in quite a while and would have enjoyed watching it from start to finish. Instead I found this video that covers the brothers whole oeuvre.

The Dude Abides and Is Bonafied.

Hat tip to the Orange Yeti.