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Which Witch Flies Over Mexico?

I told you earlier this week the Squirrel Queen loves giant beasts.

I also love a good witch/UFO mystery.

What’s been flying over the Mexican city of Monterey and attacking the local police officers?

Video shot in Mexico in 2006 shows “something” leaping off a cliff and then flying across the void. The Sun has reignited the controversy.

Some are saying it’s a witch. Others are just declaring it an alien cruising around on its version of a scooter.

Judge for yourself, but at least watch the video long enough to see the visibly shaken cops relate their stories. They describe being attacked by some real baddies wearing big pointy hats.

Ahh, it was probably just the ghost of Agnes Moorehead scheming up a new way to bug Derwin or maybe a balloon. Nah, it couldn’t have been a balloon. That’s just too obvious.

I’m sticking with witch.