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Stowaway Afghan Spider Kills Family Dog

Holy cow! I just ran across this story on CNN about a British soldier bringing back an evil wicked “spider” from Afghanistan which frightened his entire family and killed their pet dog.

Yes, you read that right – killed their pet dog.

The camel spider isn’t actually an arachnid but an insect, but it’s one mean mother of an insect.

We’re talking we may need to call in Sigourney Weaver’s Ripley from the Alien movies to handle this thing.

Here’s what the CNN story said about this six-legged demon:

The desert-dwelling camel spider, actually an insect rather than an
arachnid, can run up to 25 kilometers (15 miles) an hour and reach 15
centimeters (6 inches) in length. Its bite is not deadly to humans but
can kill small animals.

The family has moved out of their home until the beast is eradicated.

My lazy hounds (as seen in their normal pose – asleep in a dog pile) wouldn’t stand a chance against this thing.

And all this just after we got that lovely video of the soldier being greeted by his dogs after returning home from overseas.



Amazing Ball Balancing Dog

Maybe this dog was the inspiration for those Air Bud movies.

Sadly, Mabel isn’t nearly this skilled in soccer, but she does play a mean game of field hockey. Although she¬† objects a bit to the plaid skirts that are part of the uniform.

For another cool dog video, check out man’s best friends welcoming him home from war.

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Dogs Welcome Home Their Soldier

This is just such an awesome video.

It’s got one of my all-time favorite songs as a music bed and it involves pure warmth shared between a soldier returning home after 14 months in Iraq and the dogs who missed him while he was gone. Their interactions and reactions to each other just make me tear up every time I watch this video.

I love how the dogs are jealous of each other and try to scoot the other one out of the way when their master shares a little too much time with one or the other. I understand this as my Mabel can be one jealous canine lady.

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Man Saves Dog From Shark – Darwin List Averted

How much do you love your pile of mutts?

Enough to nab your beloved canine from a shark’s clenched teeth?

That’s what one Florida man did when his tiny terrier Jack, who enjoys a daily swim off the Islamorada key, got chomped by a hungry shark.

The pet’s owner dove in off the dock like a “battering ram” and slammed into the back of the shark’s neck, startling the toothy beast and forcing him to let the pooch loose. Jack swam the few yards to shore followed by his owner without further attack from the sea creature.

Jack is one lucky dog who received plenty of stitches, but will be okay after his aquatic adventure.

My slumbering mutts at the top of this post have never seen an ocean, let alone a shark, but they do like leftovers from Long John Silver’s.

The Miami Herald has the whole story and a slide show.


Check out this dachsund’s mechanized game of fetch. His name is Jerry.

He’s a bit more active than Mabel.

Here’s what Jerry’s owner said about his fetch machine.

I built the ball machine because I thought my dog Jerry, might like it and that it would be something fun for me to build. So after two years of on and off work, with many safety features such as IR proximity sensors to protect Jerry and my son from the machine, I finally complete.
Far from being a replacement for me, I was always right there with him enjoying his fun. And with all the troubles that I went through to build the ball machine, I still end up throwing more balls than that the machine could count! According to the computer, he played with the machine by himself only 3 times in his life.
I recently put this video on YouTube to keep alive my earlier memories of him and (hopefully) provide some “humorous distractions” for anyone that might drop by.
Please enjoy the video.