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My Sarcasm Is Evolving Faster Than Your Sarcasm

Scientist have been busy again and have determined that humans’ use of sarcasm is a sign of evolution.

It seems those with damage to the right frontal lobe are unable to distinguish sarcasm in a conversation.

In simplistic evolutionary terms, if you can’t keep up with who is putting you down with sarcastic comebacks then you won’t know who your enemies are and you can’t defend yourself socially or plot to poke them in the eye with a spork in the office cafeteria.

In conclusion I say, “Bite me.”

Images: Dilbert, NSS

Office Space

It seems Aunt B is concerned about my minions taking over the world of cubicles. Yep, one cubicle at a time. It’s already been documented in the world of Dilbert.

She found the pic above and others at Cute Overload.

Come on now. All together. Awwwwwwwwwww! Cute and smarter than the average hamster.

Also, notice in the back of the pic a tube of Calming Cream. What?!?! Where can I get some of that stuff? Does it really work? Is it better than yoga (not that I do yoga)? Is it better than two scoops of Moose Tracks ice cream?