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Jack-o-lanterns For Geeks

Get your geek on with these amazing jack-o-lanterns.

From Star Trek to Star Wars and everything in between.

There are comic book heroes, an original computer nerd, video game stars, apps and robots.

Something for anyone who is willing “to boldly go where no man has gone before.”

Go over to JustUsLeeg and check out all the rest of the geek jack-o-lanterns.

And once you’ve soaked up the geeky glory, go get yourself a pumpin and get to carving.

Drunk Darth Vader

So it seems a drunk young man in the UK assaulted his neighbors.

That’s not so out of the norm.

However, add in the fact that the victims were filming their lightsaber battles in their backyard during the assault and it gets a bit odder.

Then throw in the fact that the perpetrator used a black garbage bag and a cape as his own Star Wars costume and screamed “Darth Vader” repeatedly during the assault and it amps up the strange factor quite a bit.

Not done yet though. “Darth” used a metal crutch to assault his neighbors. A crutch he later claimed in court he had no recollection of acquiring.

For the full story and some Star Wars videos, check out PopFi.

For those not familiar with the Star Wars saga, let this 3-year-old girl explain it for you.