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Art on the Plinth

I love projects that involve a ton of people expressing themselves with no censor.

One & Other, along with sky ARTS is giving citizens in the UK a chance to do just that.

For 100 days starting yesterday, every hour on the hour, a different person will stand atop a plinth in London’s Trafalgar Square and create their version of art. All citizens of the UK are welcome to sign up for a chance to create on the spot.

The One & Other site has a livestreaming video to show everyone who’s on top of a spot usually reserved for statues  and what they’re doing.

In the first two hours I popped in, I’ve seen a man inflating balloons and releasing them and the latest is a woman sketching.

Express yourself UK!

Updated: Hello to all my visitors from the One & Other site. Thanks for stopping by.

Sidewalk Art

DC artist D.Billy is using balloons, streamers and artist tape to add a commentary to the everyday, ordinary setting.

On his blog, he has a quote, “Make the strange familiar, and make the familiar strange.” Synectic thinking is the thought process he uses to create his work. He explains it in his Statement page.

His art reminds me of the sound effect inserts in the original Adam West Batman television series.

I really like the color and pop of the tape on the brick wall. And his “graffiti” doesn’t damage like paint sprayed on someone’s property.

Splat! Blam!

Design Your Own Chuck Taylors

Who doesn’t love a pair of Chuck Taylor Converse All-Star sneakers.

They can make you feel like a retro rebel, a punk rock two-chord star or a kid at heart.

I’ve got two pair of the kicks in my closet right now.

Newscoma stimulated the economy a few weeks ago when she acquired a new pair.

In recent years, the Chucks have gotten all fancy with more than the basic colors. There are patterns and designs and themes.

Now, you and I have a chance to come up with our own custom creation. There’s a contest where the winner gets to have their design be mass produced and go on sale.

Even if you don’t win the contest, the actual Converse web site allows you to mix and match colors for your own personalized Chucks.

Pretty cool.

I actually redesigned a pair of blue Chuck high tops about 25 years ago. I mixed up a bleach paste concoction. The fumes were pretty fierce and gave me a headache. I’m thinking I had an extra ingredient in there that nearly killed me. With the bleach, I made a polka dot pattern and, if I must say so myself, they turned out pretty sharp. I wore them until I outgrew them.

Now I’ve got to come up with a new theme.

Let’s see.

Thinking …

Thinking …

Thinking …

Hmm, acorns, trees, crowns.

I think it’s all coming together.

Woolen Wonders

I’m soooo not a crafty person.

My grandmother tried to set me on that path. She taught me how to cross stitch. Sure I could make the little X with the needle and thread, but it just didn’t entertain me.

I did a few paint by numbers in the winter months of my youth. Yeah, fill in the funky shapes mapped out on the “canvas”. I sketched my version of Tippy the Turtle from the ad in the TV Guide, but I was the only one who ever recognized the source of my pencil and paper inspirations. No applications were mailed to the Art Instruction School.

I’m definitely not an artist.

But I love it when folks combine two of the things I fail at – art and craft – into amazing designs with a twist.

Aunt B does that with her hook work whether it’s anatomically correct body parts or Kool-Aid dyed afghans. I’ll let those of you not offended by the human body click on the body part link above to see her handiwork.

Dedicated women with flying fingers at the Institute for Figuring crocheted a coral reef.

Canadian Blythe Church creates incredible three-dimensional items like cameras and blenders and video games and monsters and sewing machines from felt.

felt sewing machine

felt underwood typewriter

felt brownie camera

I’m so jealous of their talents and vision.

Maybe I’ll go pick up some macaroni and make a necklace to give to a loved one.

Will that feed and nurture the creative seed within me and let it blossom into something lovely or at least odd?