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More Cool Jack-o-lanterns

In case you hadn’t noticed from some of my recent posts, the falling leaves have put me in a Halloween sort of mood. Here’s another one for you.

The Pumpkin Gutter is one fun artist.

His creations cover everything from movie characters

Lebowskisuch as The Dude


Terminatorthe Terminator

to just creepy stuff like

an eyeball

Pumpkin eyeballHere it is lit up.

Pumpkin eyeball litHe even creates your not-so-basic creepy faces.

Old YellerThere are tons more cool jackolanterns of animals, historical and political figures and just the unusual weirdness in the galleries on his site.

For more creepy pumpkin links, here’s a pumpkin carving post from last year.


Blood Simple Is Still Brilliant

What is it about Sunday mornings and great movies?

I wrote about enjoying “Mystery Train” one Sunday morning in March and recalled just how much fun it was and how it was one of the 80s movies that made me fall in love with smart, small films.

This Sunday morning, I’ve spent the past two hours watching “Blood Simple“.

Frances McDormand, in her debut, was impressive.

John Getz as the haunted Ray made you feel the pain of doing something you detested.

Dan Hedaya‘s creep factor as the jealous husband was off the charts

and finally, M. Emmet Walsh was just crazy good.

I saw it in the theater with Newscoma in 1985 and was so impressed with the visual style the Coen Brothers brought to the screen.

Since then, my love of the siblings’ cinematic stuff has grown vastly.

I posted a video montage of the Coens’ work earlier this year, but I watched it again this morning after viewing their movie and again was reminded of the way themes repeat in their works, so I decided to repost it. Enjoy!


Crazy for Coen

If anyone stops by this blog often enough, they know I’m crazy for Coen.

Yes, sure I like this Cohen, I’ve cast a vote for him whenever possible, but that’s not who I am talking about.

I’m tap tap tapping on the keys right now about Hollywood’s Coen brothers.

I just got great news from Joe Powell and his always informative Camera Obscura series.

It seems the brilliantly talented siblings have another comedy to bring to the silver screen.

“Burn After Reading” features some of the brightest stars. Clooney, Swinton, Pitt, Malkovich and McDormand are the headliners in this caper comedy.

The trailer just teases us by saying “Coming Soon” at the end without giving us a target date to look forward to, but actually September 12 has been picked as the US opening date.

The flick was supposed to play at Cannes, but wasn’t ready in time. Instead, the Venice Film Fest will be the debut for their latest work.

I’m already itching to get my ticket and sit down between the cupholders.

Here’s the trailer.

Coens Win!!!

I’m so excited. The Coens are truly talented, creative and free-spirited winning for “No Country For Old Men.”

I love it.

Good for them for bringing a bit of spice to the often-staid (no matter what some believe) world of Hollywood.

They have true talent and a clear creative vision no matter the genre they are working in.

As I said earlier, I saw¬† “Blood Simple” in the theater with Newscoma so many years ago. Since then, I’ve been planted in the rickety theater seats with my shoes stuck to the sticky floor through every offering they’ve sent my way. And I’ve enjoyed almost every one (see “The Ladykillers” reference earlier tonight).

Coens win

I’m a huge fan of the Coen brothers. From the moment I saw Blood Simple in the theater all the way through the whole pantheon of work.

“Raising Arizona” is one of my all-time favorites.

I love it. Although I was a bit disappointed in their flick with the Tom Hanks – “The Ladykillers”.

It wasn’t 100 percent for me.