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Indian Robot Rampage

I ran across this clip from the Indian science fiction film clip that is ASTOUNDING!!!!!

I’ve seen two spellings for the name of the flick – Enthiran and Endhiran. The Indian to English translation for both those words must be Awesome!

If you can watch this with a straight face, count me impressed.  I grinned, giggled and guffawed while watching.

Movie Macguffins

squirrel directorI ran across this post at Paste Magazine and had to share.

It’s the top nine movie macguffins of all time.

What, you don’t know what a macguffin is? Yes, you do. You’ve seen it in all sorts of movies, but may not have realized it.

It’s not something you can order from the McDonald’s breakfast menu.

The Ark of the Covenant, the Holy Grail and Marcellus Wallace’s suitcase are just a few from the macguffin list.

A macguffin is the ultimate destination of every chase. Not every movie gets there, but all the characters are in pursuit of the macguffin.

Here’s the actual definition from Paste –

Mac•guff•in: In cinema vernacular, an object of great importance that serves as the primary motivator for the protagonists, and their antagonists.

The list of movies they’ve compiled is filled with several of my favorites. They’ve got video clips from each movie over there too.


The Movie Timeline

For movie buffs out there, the Movie Timeline is an exhaustive chronological list of events that happened in movies starting with the dawn of time and the beginning of our planet

“In the beginning… God created the heavens and the earth (The Bible)”

all the way into the future to the year

“865,427,810 Alexander Hartdegen briefly arrives from 802,701 (The Time Machine)”

Everything else in between is included as well.

Here’s another example. All the things below happened in movies set in the year 1954.

“1954 Ray
Don Vito Corleone dies while playing with his granddaughter; Carlo Rizzi dies and his son Michael Francis Rizzi is born (The Godfather)
Godzilla is discovered and destroys Tokyo, before being killed by an oxygen destroyer (Godzilla, King of the Monsters!)
New England – Messrs Peacock, Scarlet, White, Plum, Mustard & Green may have murdered My Boddy, a cook, a maid, a policeman, a chauffeur & a singing telegram (Clue, 1985)
March 9: Edward Murrow broadcasts report condemning Senator McCarthy’s methods (Good Night, and Good Luck)
April 6: Senator McCarthy broadcasts his reply to Edward Murrow, accusing him of Communist leanings (Good Night, and Good Luck)
June: Squatney, London – Nigel Tufnel and David St Hubbins first meet, going on to form legendary rock band Spinal Tap (This Is Spinal Tap, 1984)
June 22: Christchurch, New Zealand – Teens Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme murder Pauline’s mother Honora (Heavenly Creatures)
November 24: Linda Porter dies, leaving Cole a widower who would rarely write again (De-Lovely)”

Interesting minutia for movie geeks. I’ll admit I didn’t read it all, skimmed it instead. Still, it’s a pretty cool list.

It’s interesting to see history overlap with fiction. Looking through the early 1940s, you see Pearl Harbor bombed and other World War II events listed because they were plot points in war movies.

I see the list being used as a reference tool for writers.

H/T to Roger Ebert from his Twitter stream @ebertchicago.

Mickey Rourke Rambles At The Spirit Awards

I didn’t get to watch the Spirit Awards live last night due to work, but watched the follow-up airing later in the evening. I love the Spirit Awards for their eagerness to shine the spotlight on the independent underdog.

The Wrestler won the most honors including Best Feature, Best Cinematography and Best Male Lead for Mickey Rourke’s comeback performance.

Rourke has been a  red-hot, steaming mess in recent years, a Hollywood rebel who fell out of favor in the City of Angels.

His rambling acceptance speech showcased some of why he fell off the glamour list no matter how great an actor he is.

He gave shout outs to his best friend, director, the Santa Monica police and his recently deceased dog. He almost forgot the name of his costar and then talked about her stripper pole skills.

You just have to see it for yourself.

The folks at the Oscars have got to be cringing today as they loosen up their fingers that press the bleep button, just in case he wins tonight.

Blood Simple Is Still Brilliant

What is it about Sunday mornings and great movies?

I wrote about enjoying “Mystery Train” one Sunday morning in March and recalled just how much fun it was and how it was one of the 80s movies that made me fall in love with smart, small films.

This Sunday morning, I’ve spent the past two hours watching “Blood Simple“.

Frances McDormand, in her debut, was impressive.

John Getz as the haunted Ray made you feel the pain of doing something you detested.

Dan Hedaya‘s creep factor as the jealous husband was off the charts

and finally, M. Emmet Walsh was just crazy good.

I saw it in the theater with Newscoma in 1985 and was so impressed with the visual style the Coen Brothers brought to the screen.

Since then, my love of the siblings’ cinematic stuff has grown vastly.

I posted a video montage of the Coens’ work earlier this year, but I watched it again this morning after viewing their movie and again was reminded of the way themes repeat in their works, so I decided to repost it. Enjoy!


Crazy for Coen

If anyone stops by this blog often enough, they know I’m crazy for Coen.

Yes, sure I like this Cohen, I’ve cast a vote for him whenever possible, but that’s not who I am talking about.

I’m tap tap tapping on the keys right now about Hollywood’s Coen brothers.

I just got great news from Joe Powell and his always informative Camera Obscura series.

It seems the brilliantly talented siblings have another comedy to bring to the silver screen.

“Burn After Reading” features some of the brightest stars. Clooney, Swinton, Pitt, Malkovich and McDormand are the headliners in this caper comedy.

The trailer just teases us by saying “Coming Soon” at the end without giving us a target date to look forward to, but actually September 12 has been picked as the US opening date.

The flick was supposed to play at Cannes, but wasn’t ready in time. Instead, the Venice Film Fest will be the debut for their latest work.

I’m already itching to get my ticket and sit down between the cupholders.

Here’s the trailer.

Eraserhead and Restless Legs

I was over at Joe P.’s place this morning and he had mentioned the flick “A Boy and His Dog.”

The sci-fi cult hit starring a pre-Miami Vice Don Johnson was one of those independent movies from the mid 1970s that stretched the boundaries. It was obviously outside the box even though some mainstream actors had roles including Jason Robards. It was one of several movies from the era that set the tone for directors into the 80s and beyond.

The one I’ve had on my mind lately is David Lynch’s “Eraserhead.”

Don’t ask me why.

Well, maybe it’s because I’ve been watching “The Squidbillies” on the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim block and the old granny squid reminds me of the fetal, crying baby in the movie.

Yeah, I think that’s what carried me here.

I haven’t seen the film in ages, but I still remember the first time I did. How could anyone forget any of that imagery?

The visuals in the black-and-white setting of “Eraserhead” were incredible and impossible to erase from the back of the retinas. From the huge hair of Jack Nance to the oozing, wriggling cornish hens to the monstrous “baby” to the lady in the radiator, Lynch kept your attention with images that were hard to look at and at the same time hard to look away from.

Seeing that movie let me know there were ideas being submitted that didn’t cater to Hollywood and television’s “Brady Bunch” themes. Some creativity disturbed the status quo and pushed the limits.

For Lynch, the five-year-long process that it took for him to finish the film was well worth it. Mel Brooks caught a viewing of the movie and hired him to direct “The Elephant Man.” And so an outstanding career was on its way.

I’ve got some video here for you, but it’s not from the movie.

It’s actually an homage of the movie in a video by the UK band Half Man Half Biscuit for their song “Restless Legs.” Enjoy.