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Snake Foot

What’s more rare than hen’s teeth?

How about a snake leg?

Oh, wait. They found a snake with one leg and a clawed foot in China.

The woman who found it in her home beat it to death, but preserved the body.

Freaky stuff.

The Telegraph has the whole story of the legged snake.

Photo: CEN/Europics

Beijing Trims Its Shrubbery For Olympic Topiaries

With the opening ceremonies less than a month away, the Chinese are putting away all their lead paint for toys and spiffing up the joint in preparation for the 2008 Olympics hosted by Beijing.

They’ve been busy scooping the algae out of the bay where the sailing competitions will be held, translating their menus into English (which includes some dishes like “chicken without a sexual life” and monitoring the smog levels.

They’ve also been busy trimming their shrubbery as well.

In the Beijing Olympic Gardens, the hosts have been busy creating giant unusual topiaries.

Here are a few of the images. You can see more of them and descriptions at Life in the Fast Lane.

Squirrels on Ice

If you’ve got the winter blues, check out the photography of R. Todd King. The images show that ice can be nice.

He’s got amazing pics of sculptures at the Harbin Ice and Snow Fair in China. These are huge creations of art and architecture that are incredible to see during the daylight, but at night they are even more impressive because they are illuminated in colorful hues from within.

All his photography including documentation of trips to Canada, Alaska and other areas is eye-catching, but the shots from China shouldn’t be missed. He attended the Harbin festival three different years. See them all.