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Five Levels of Lucky

Lucky, lucky, lucky, and I’m not talking about a three-legged, one-eyed dog.

Check out the close calls in this video. There’s no gore for the squeamish among you.

Some of the reaction times by the folks in this thing are bordering on tortoise-like.

Insurance Adjusters and UFOs

Simon Donohue writes the automobile blog That Petrol Emotion for the Manchester Evening News and offered up a few questions to a claims adjuster about what  insurance companies will or won’t pay for regarding an alien attack on an automobile.

A UFO crashing into a car equals an insurance payout, but if the wreck occurs because of dodging ray blasts from a UFO, that’s not covered.

There are some more odd scenarios on the blog post covering topics like armageddon, animal attacks (not necessarily including the Geico gecko) and frozen blocks of urine falling from airplanes.

Six Million Dollar Man v. Sasquatch

So Newscoma’s wheels have been out of commission for weeks now. It started with one repair and turned into a total transformation. Apparently, she barely avoided a close brush with the grim reaper while riding in this death mobile.

The list of things getting fixed on her car has turned into one of those crazy long scrolls of paper kids unfurl when they’re sitting on Santa’s lap at the mall in Hollywood comedies.

She’s never given her car a name like some people do (not me), but I’ve come up with a moniker for her vehicle, now to be forever known as Steve Austin – the Six Million Dollar Man.

Knowing ‘Coma’s love for Bigfoot, Freaky Weasel pointed out the connection tween Steve and Sasquatch.

How could I have forgotten.