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Great Green Gumballs

Squirrel nature photographer

I ran across this gizmo/gadget online at the Utney Reader site.

I think this is brilliant. It’s for erasing urban blight. It’s for creating green where before there was only brown, gray and dead spaces.

It’s seed bombs dispensed out of old gumball machines.

Where once there were super-bouncy balls and “diamond” rings, now flowers and blooming things are available.

Toss a few and watch them grow.

Giant Bleeding Heart Gummy Candy

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching.

I know all of you out there are wondering what to get your loved one … flowers, chocolates, a massage.

How about a bleeding candy heart?

Come on. Nothing says “love” like an ooey gooey sticky sweet treat that gushes blood with every bite. Nom nom nom.

Of course, this gift might not be the best for those “faint of heart”, but who wants to hang out with them.

via ThinkGeek

Fourth of July Fun

I know it’s a bit early, but I celebrated Friday on Thursday, so why not jump ahead and start shooting off firecrackers for the Fourth of July.

For more fun stop motion videos by the same artist, check out the PES YouTube site.

That’s PES, not to be confused with PEZ and that stop-motion fun song.

Flipping My Lid For The Pez Song

It’s a catchy little tune and I’m a sucker for stop motion animation and Pez so how could I not love this one.


Creepy M&M’s

They’ve started showing those freaky M&M’s character commercials again.

Those just wig me out.

Not the animated characters where the yellow and red M&M shapes talk, but the ones that have hair and glasses and actually sort of look like famous people.

Recently, they’ve been really promoting their dark chocolate M&M’s for which they use the Addams Family sitcom characters as spokespeople. Weird and freaky. Not the actual Addams Family, but the M&M’s versions.

And the commercials promoting their web site that have the “everyday folks” recreated as chocolate tidbits are even stranger. The cool hipster dude as M&M should never be seen. Why do they think this would increase my appetite for their candy?

Anyone can go to the site and create an M&M likeness.

I’ll just warn you though, if you’re looking for squirrel facial features and accessories, they are sorely lacking.