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Giant Bleeding Heart Gummy Candy

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching.

I know all of you out there are wondering what to get your loved one … flowers, chocolates, a massage.

How about a bleeding candy heart?

Come on. Nothing says “love” like an ooey gooey sticky sweet treat that gushes blood with every bite. Nom nom nom.

Of course, this gift might not be the best for those “faint of heart”, but who wants to hang out with them.

via ThinkGeek

Melting your heart

So Valentine’s Day has come and gone.

My favorite person made it home from a business trip in time to share a few hours with me on the day for romance and love.

That was the best news and the best gift.

Good news not quite of that magnitude, but still pretty cool, is the fact that all that candy that didn’t leave the shelves to be delivered to lovers on the 14th of February is going to be drastically marked down on the 15th.

Giant boxes of chocolates, novelty candy with goofy missives attached and those heart-shaped bits of chalk with corny sayings printed on them are all waiting to be taken home by a thrifty shopper with a sweet tooth.

Now, there’s no way on earth to eat more than two of those foul candy hearts without getting a build-up in your mouth equivalent to licking the chalk rail attached to the blackboard in elementary school in the days before the prevalence of dry-erase marker technology.

So what to do with all those leftover candy hearts?

How about a little experiment? How about finding out what happens to these when you stick them in the oven. It’s been done and there’s a whole tutorial on it.

I wrote about this yesterday over at my new gig at PopFi (thanks Adams).

Go grab a shopping cart, load it up with marked-down treats, head home and do your best Mr. Wizard imitation while doing the Mad Scientist Mmmwwaaahhhhaaahhhhaaa laugh the entire time.

Eye Heart U

Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone.

Yep, that’s right.

Even in the squirrel kingdom, we celebrate the day set aside for love and romance.

Come on. It’s not that far-fetched.

Haven’t you ever heard of chocolate-covered nuts?

That’s a squirrel invention.

Image: BrickArtist