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Cool Google Street View – Pompeii Ruins

So budget woes have kept you from taking a holiday vacation this year.

Same here for the Squirrel Queen.

For those of us who spend hours watching the Discovery and History channels, this will be a perfect alternative to that whirlwind trip around the world.

Instead of forking over wads of cash to fly your extra bag across the globe, just click on Google Street View’s tour of the ruins of Pompeii.

The tour of the city that Vesuvius stopped in time is cool stuff that can entertain you for hours.

It doesn’t come with a tour guide and you can’t buy tacky souvenirs, but it’s a great trip none-the-less.

Now if I can justĀ  find the baths with all the naughty frescoes they always allude to during shows about those randy Italians.

Here’s more Google fun.

Zombies on a Budget

I can’t believe Newscoma hasn’t jumped on sharing this info with the masses. Guess she was too busy tweaking the header on her blog or herding Mabel away from the doggie treats.

Instead it is up to me to direct you to the info necessary to create a film-worthy zombie on a nickel-and-dime budget.

Granted the zombie looks as much like something that might be called a “lettuce monster” that eats poor bunnies that wander into Mr. McGregor’s garden than a brain-munching, mall-walking zombie, but if you must know how to turn nose putty, face paint and toilet paper into a zombie, this is the place for you.