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Freaky Penguins

I know Newscoma has been on a penguin kick of late and I’ve brought you a bit of Pen Zen with a link to the 24-hour camera at the Tennessee Aquarium and even flying penguins, but today I present what may be the freakiest penguins ever captured on film.

Nobody sees the rest of the world the same way the Bollywood directors do, that’s for certain.


Bollywood Goes Sci Fi

Who doesn’t love a little Bollywood romance and dance, and when you throw in the smooth moves we all know and love – yes, the Robot – how can it be a bad thing.

It’s not. It’s a sight to behold.

In addition to retro dance moves, the movie “Love Story 2050” also features fashions from the 1980s, at least according to this video trailer for the flick.