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Josh Beckett Has a Man Crush on C. Everett Koop

I was watching the Yankees and Red Sox battle each other and the rain drops on Saturday.

Once when the camera zoomed in on Boston starting pitcher Josh Beckett I was struck by his choice in neckwear.

The right-hander had on the Phiten Titanium-style necklace that is now customary among Major Leaguers, but I also spotted something a little different dangling at his collar. The chunky bauble reminded me of something.

I pondered and mulled and finally recalled what the white plastic pendant resembled – the Life Alert alarm that C. Everett Koop claims to wear in the TV commercials.

You know the device I’m talking about. You remember the ad with the elderly woman lying in the floor crying out the famous line, “Help! I’ve fallen and I can’t get up!” That’s the Life Alert pendant.

Upon further consideration, it dawned on me that this wasn’t the only thing the two men – Beckett and Koop – had in common.

Check out the pictures below and then think about these things:

1. Note the facial follicles on both chins.

2. Note that both have worn uniforms as part of their careers.

3. Note that both have applied plenty of hair product as part of their grooming regimine.

Is it just me or is the former World Series MVP emulating the elder former U.S. Surgeon General?!?!?


Baseball’s True Opening Day Approaches

Sure, the A’s and Red Sox have played a pair of games out of their official 162 across the Pacific in Japan, but for me the real opening day will be tomorrow (Monday.) I know the Nationals will debut their brand-spanking new stadium in DC tonight, but even that won’t count in my eyes.

Day baseball on that Monday is the real deal and I’ll be listening to my Cardinals tomorrow as Mike Shannon tells me what Prince Albert and the gang are up to. Opening Day should be a national holiday.

For a look at my picks for the 2008 season, you can head over to Music City Bloggers. Hutch asked for my crystal ball perusals and I’m sure many of them will be wrong, but I sure enjoyed parsing out what little bit of diamond knowledge I’ve got. Hutch adds his selections and his picks for some of the big awards and players to watch. Check it out.

My pick to win it all – the Cleveland Indians. Pitching, power and defense may send the Tribe to the promised land of October baseball.

Big League Back In Action


It’s finally here. Major League Baseball has its first game of the 2008 season in the books and it was a doozy of the extra inning variety. The Red Sox won over the Oakland A’s, 6-5, in 10 innings.

Of course, I’m still not sold on having the first game of the year in the Land of the Rising Sun, but that just seems to be the way things will be regardless of my opinion.

The Red Sox and A’s didn’t show off much as far as their bullpens being a strength. Both teams’ closers gave up runs and looked shaky. I didn’t see the actual first pitch, but Dice-K struggled early before finding a groove. The A’s got an early homer to take the lead. The Sox battled back against a tiring Blanton.

Jacoby Ellsbury made an outstanding grab right in front of the fence in center field.

The A’s rallied back to take a lead before Huston Street got rocked by a Pawtucket Sox player Brandon Moss filling in for an injured JD Drew. Go figure. Drew injured. Nothing unusual there.

Street struggled in the 10th too with Manny being Manny and driving in the winning runs.

Then river-dancing Jonathan Papelbon only escaped getting tagged with the loss due to a bone-headed base-running blunder by the A’s.

Game over man, but it’s only the beginning and I can’t wait for more.

These same two teams will play again and you can watch it over your breakfast tomorrow morning.

But to me, the actual start of the season will be next Monday when the majority of the teams finally take to the diamond.

Rocket Roger Clemens On Capitol Hill

I’m an unabashed baseball fan (GO Cardinals!!).

However, days like Wednesday make me sad and angry that America’s (former) pastime has come to this.

Roger Clemens had his day on Capitol Hill getting grilled by members of Congress about his alleged use of steroids and human growth hormone per testimony from both his former personal trainer Brian McNamee and a teammate and close friend in the form of Andy Pettitte.

When all was said and done (and lots was said but a lot less done) McNamee suffered through his fair share of potshots and didn’t come out smelling like a rose, but Clemens didn’t clean up his legacy any either. ESPN writer Jayson Stark live-blogged the event and pulled out some of the more absurd, pivotal, inane and pertinent points during the day-long event.

I’m sorry. I don’t buy that McNamee would tell the truth about Pettitte (as confirmed by Pettitte) and even about Roger’s own wife (as confirmed by the Clemens family), but he would lie about the Rocket. What?

In defending himself, the Rocket talks incessantly about all the work he puts into staying in tip-top shape for an athlete his age. Nobody can argue about that. We’ve all seen the video of him running sprints and lifting weights in a perpetual loop on ESPN and other sports outlets the last few months.

My argument is this. I could shoot my bum full of HGH and steroids, but if all I do is sit on the couch afterward and eat Twinkies, I’m not going to be competing for any body-building trophies or doing any swim suit photo shoots any time soon. You have to combine the performance enhancing drugs with the workouts.

The PEDs aren’t all about bulking up. They’re also about speeding up recovery time after a workout (important for an old codger like Roger). They make it just as easy to head into the gym the day after an intense training session as it was the first day you tossed around the old medicine ball.

At this point, in my opinion, Clemens deserves just as much harassment as any BALCO client. I have vilified slugger Barry Bonds on this blog before and I likely will again. Now its Clemens’ turn.

One of those two men perjured themselves before Congress. It will likely take a lot of time before we find out which one. I have my theories on which of the pair it will be.

As I see it, Bonds may need to make room for the Rocket in the Big-Headed Baseball Players Hall of Infamy.