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Chia Obama = Blooming Patriotism

chia squirrel

I hate to spoil it for all you folks on my Christmas list, but I can’t wait to share what I’m getting everyone for Christmas. I have considered in the past making a pact with myself to purchase every single Christmas gift at convenience stores. I’m not doing that this year, maybe next year (I can see you squirming with excitement already).

However, I have found the perfect gift for every single person on my list. From plant lovers to patriots, I’ve got you covered.

It’s the Obama Chia Pet from the Proud to be American Chia series.

Or maybe you’d rather have the Statue of Liberty Chia with the “ever-glowing flame.”

Feeling a bit more revolutionary, there’s the George Washington Chia.

There’s also an Abraham Lincoln Chia edition, but I can’t understand why they didn’t manufacture it where Lincoln’s beard will also grow green plants. Only his hair grows. Shouldn’t Abe be wearing a stovepipe hat to cover his hair, leaving his chin as the best spot for luxurious growing greenery?

Presidential Inaugural Address Word Clouds

While we’re all still buzzing from the transition of power in Washington yesterday, I ran across this on ReadWriteWeb.

In addition to the word cloud of Obama’s 2009 inaugural address above, they’ve also got presidential inaugural address word clouds from George W. Bush’s second address, Bill Clinton’s second address, Ronald Reagan’s first speech as president and both of Abraham Lincoln’s addresses.

It’s all very interesting stuff to see what words and themes were hammered into the nation’s psyche.

I really didn’t expect to see “freedom” as the most frequent word in the Bush speech.

From Clinton’s words, you can tell the nation was preparing to head into a new millennium.

With Reagan, the focus was on “government”. No surprise there.

In Lincoln’s first address, “Constitution” rose to the forefront as our nation was obviously heading toward a conflict.

Obviously, his second speech was dominated by the “War” that ripped our nation asunder.

Very interesting stuff.

A New President

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Yesterday was about a dream.

Martin Luther King Jr. was honored on Monday for his personal sacrifice to advance civil rights in our nation.

Today was about a dream personified.

Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President of the United States of America.

Today was a glorious day.

Millions of citizens made the trek to Washington D.C. to witness history, to be able to say they were there. I wish I was one of them, but I had to rely on television to participate.

In his inaugural address, Obama spoke eloquently and to all, both here and around the globe. Many, including me, were eager to hear what he had to say.

Our new president was strong and purposeful with his words, stating an intention to return this great land to a path of progress through work and creativity.

He spoke pointedly of protecting our civil liberties, not eroding them in an acquiescence to fear-mongering.

Obama let the rest of the globe know that we will be a good neighbor to them, not a heavy-handed intruder.

Yet, he also made it clear that we will not let attacks go unchallenged.

He admitted the citizens of this nation also have much work to do to help restore our country. Our new leader challenged each of us to make wiser, tougher decisions for our own betterment.

Our new president’s shoulders must be broad for he has many burdens to bear. The task ahead of him won’t likely be completed in four years, but I believe he is the man we need to roll up his sleeves and get to work on an array of issues that is daunting.

I watched this historical speech with four other women. Snow swirled outside bringing with it an air of purity and freshness.

We were all rapt, hanging on the words of our new president – a man elected because he provided hope to us and the majority of the voters in this country. Obama offered us a chance to believe in leadership for the people instead of the minimization of the public’s voice. Over the course of our morning in a location more than 800 miles away from the actual scene of the swearing in, tears were shed, applause rang out and a hearty wave of goodbye/good riddance was sent to the former Commander In Chief.

I won’t be able to say I stood on the parade route when Barack and Michelle Obama strolled through Washington, D.C., but I can say I stood when he placed his hand on the Lincoln Bible and recited the oath of office.

Today really was a glorious day.

Tomorrow the work to heal our nation resumes.

Here is his eloquent speech (in two parts).

I’m Exercising My Civic Duty

It’s Nov. 4 and I’m traipsing along on the heels of Newscoma on this historic day.

I cast my vote for Barack Obama because I believe he will try to lead our nation toward progress instead of  stagnation or, even worse, regression.

It’s not about race or gender or age or Saturday Night Live.

It’s about who I believe is more capable of leading our country during this time of stress both here at home and globally.

I am choosing “hope over fear.”

You, too, should get out and vote today, no matter which candidate you favor.