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Freaky Sheep

One of my readers here at the Squirrel Queen’s abode is aware of the fascination with the bizarre that causes me to post things like anatomically correct knitting and time-warped album covers.

He gave me the heads up (thanks David) and left a link on my About Page (which I highly recommend that everyone should read so they know all the pertinent info on why I tick the way I do).

David’s link directed me to one of those uncommon freaks of nature –  a five-legged lamb.

The Australian sheep has a small leg dangling from the back of its neck that should remind Newscoma of one of her all-time favorite bad movies Basket Case.

Not only does it have an extra leg, its extra leg has an extra hoof. That’s right. One sheep = five legs, six feet.

The wooly one appears to be doing fine and is just another sheep in its flock.

Here’s the visual evidence.

Kangaroo Mixed Martial Arts

Guys beating the crap out of each other is back at the top of the American sports food chain.

While Mike Tyson and Don King have helped bring boxing down from the great heights it reached during the Ali/Frazier/Sugar Ray heyday, humans still love to see their fellow man get punched in the face and kicked in the groin.

Mixed Martial Arts and Ultimate Fighting are making their way into the media mainstream.

But Mother Nature put an aggressive gene in more than just mankind.

Kangaroos like to kick some butt too. They punch like Apollo Creed and kick like Bruce Lee.

Here are the videos to prove it.

Roo v Marty Monster has nothing to do with abortion rights.

Kangaroo vs handlers and tv host

And finally some footage of the down under hoppers duking it out in their natural habitat.

And finally, I’ll end with my favorite kangaroo.


Newscoma has a classic roo punch pic for you too.