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What’s My Sign? – ASL in Matchbook Form

A former neighbor who is hearing impaired sent me this in an e-mail link.

The artist, JK Keller, who put this together has lots more interesting stuff at his site. The matchbooks he used to depict the American Sign Language alphabet were all found on the street.

Sidewalk Art

DC artist D.Billy is using balloons, streamers and artist tape to add a commentary to the everyday, ordinary setting.

On his blog, he has a quote, “Make the strange familiar, and make the familiar strange.” Synectic thinking is the thought process he uses to create his work. He explains it in his Statement page.

His art reminds me of the sound effect inserts in the original Adam West Batman television series.

I really like the color and pop of the tape on the brick wall. And his “graffiti” doesn’t damage like paint sprayed on someone’s property.

Splat! Blam!

Crazy for Cupcakes and Ink

In all my inntertubes wandering today, I ran across a group on flickr that is just for pics of tattoos of food. Unbelievably, the predominant food item among the 200+ pics of tats was cupcakes.

Go figure.

Here are a couple of my favorites.

I like this person’s good and evil theme.

Here’s another evil cupcake.

You can go to the Flickr group and see all the iced bakery delights and a variety of foods and cooking utensils I’d also never considered as potential tattoos.

Mona Lisa Hits the Streets

Leonardo da Vinci’s famous smile has been spotted all over the place. Mona Lisa is hitting the streets hardcore and Web Urbanist has collected eight different graffitti works that include the classic piece of art.

She’s a reluctant visitor to the scene in this one.

and gets a bit cheeky in this one.

Go here to see the rest of the pics.

Attention Chicken

One last bird post.

I promise.

Or at least until something else of a feathered fowl nature catches my attention.

It’s the Attention Chicken.

A couple of artists sculpted it out of polystyrene foam and then painted it before hauling it around Wisconsin to see the reactions it would create. The Attention Chicken went everywhere from giant retail store parking lots to the beach to city street corners.

Go here for more pics and details.

Spirograph for the Internet

I wandered upon this site that is basically a Spirograph for the Internet crowd.

You no longer need green, blue and red bic pens and a bunch of clear cogged wheels to doodle and waste your time. Isn’t that what our computers are for?

It’s bomomo and I’ve included my first two masterpieces just to show you how a much of an artiste I am.

Subway Ticket Pixel Art

Department store workers in Tokyo used subway tickets to create a huge mosaic of Astro Boy to honor the opening of a new metro line.

138,00 stubs were needed to create the 10 x 7 foot pixel artwork.

The mosaic wasn’t the first by the store employees, who donated their time. The group originally put together a reproduction of the Mona Lisa.

Pink Tentacle has more pics of the Astro Boy artwork.

I wonder if Brittney saves all her BART tickets, could she come up with something like this on a smaller scale.