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Feel Good Friday – Hey, Soul Sister

Hey, I haven’t visited with you fine folks in quite a while. My apologies for not foisting my opinions and ideas and funky finds onto your cyber space in recent weeks.

So, I’m back today to present a Feel Good Friday tune.

It’s been stuck in my brain for weeks. Nothing dramatic or edgy, just a catchy tune from Train. Choo-Choo!

It’s “Hey, Soul Sister.”

And, if you like the way the lyrics are animated in the Train video, check out this Muto video of animation painted along sidewalks and buildings by the artist Blu.

Money Makes The World Go Around

The World Wildlife Fund put together this appropo little ditty.

Sure it’s not techco prairie dogs, but what with all the talk about bailouts, I thought this might fit the billions bill today.

Let’s all go out and hug a tree and avoid a crashing elephant or giraffe for that matter.

Wall to Wall Animation

I ran across this amazing animation video called MUTO and had to share. I wonder how long it took to complete this and how much paint they went through completing this project.

I think my favorite part is the walking teeth.

It was created by Blu in Buenos Aires. To see more photos and videos visit the Blu web site. Be sure to click on the Sketch Book.

H/T to Pitter Patter Thoughts

Fresh Sushi

Su, Su, Sushi Oh.

That’s my favorite Phil Collins song.

Vodpod videos no longer available. from video.yahoo.com posted with vodpod

You can see more videos from the Vancouver Film School here.