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Time Lapse Turtle and A Turtle Chasing A Tomato

I would name this turtle Zippy if it were mine.

It reminds me of this hungry hamster.

Now, a turtle chases a tomato.

It’s a lot of hard work for a red reward.

Elephant and Dog Create Friendship Bond

Just because I entitled¬† this post “Elephant and Dog Create Friendship Bond” during my pseudo-presidential week, don’t fall into the trap of believing that this post is about Republican elephants and Blue dog Democrats crossing the aisle and singing Kumbaya.

Instead its about an actual pachyderm/canine friendship at The Elephant Sanctuary in Hohenwald, Tennessee.

Previously here at the Palace, we’ve linked to a 24-hour penguin camera at the Tennessee Aquarium

On The Elephant Sanctuary‘s Web site, they have an elephant camera that provides live footage of a field where the elephants roam.

Amazing Ball Balancing Dog

Maybe this dog was the inspiration for those Air Bud movies.

Sadly, Mabel isn’t nearly this skilled in soccer, but she does play a mean game of field hockey. Although she¬† objects a bit to the plaid skirts that are part of the uniform.

For another cool dog video, check out man’s best friends welcoming him home from war.

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Otto the Unruly Octopus

Here at the Squirrel Queen’s palace, I’ve already documented how incredible the mimic octopus can be with its undersea camouflage and impersonations.

Now, I’ve come across another octopus tale that showcases how smart the eight-legged wonders can be.

It seems Otto, an octopus in an aquarium in Coburg, Germany, has kept the staff there on their toes in order to keep him entertained and out of mischief.

Otto was apparently bothered by a bright light shining into his aquarium and during the night was rising up onto the rim of its home in order to shoot a stream of water at the offending bulb. The water was short-circuiting the light and causing big electrical problems for the entire facility, endangering the aquatic life.

Staff at the aquarium spent three nights sleeping on the floor of Otto’s room before they caught the sea beast in the act of squirting and extinguishing the light.

Otto has also caused trouble for some hermit crabs with which he shares living space, apparently juggling them when bored.

For the full story, check out Otto’s tale at the Telegraph.

Image: zombie octopus at etsy