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Sneak Peek Vintage Photos

I love the story this photo tells.

The smiling face shown talking between the two chairs, leaning in to tell something that can’t be spoken too loudly.

The masculine arms thrown back casually and relaxed hands dangling over the top of the canvas chair on the left. The pose revealing an openness, no need to cover up. He’s exposing his torso to his lady friend and the beaming sun.

The beach makes people relax and reveal.

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Captain Kirk the Red Hot Lover

I’m by no means a sci fi Star Trek geek, but it never fails that an episode of the space travel TV show makes me giggle at least twice.

One of those giggles is usually because Captain Kirk is having some green alien babe with an intricate beehive, twirly hairdo trying to get into his tight black uniform pants.

It happens at least every other episode.

If you’re curious about James T’s space nooky, PopFi has several links that have the lowdown on the Captain’s insatiable appetites.

I do know one thing, after seeing the pic above, I’ll never question his manhood.

Obese Monkeys Put On Diets

When I first glanced at the pic above, I thought it was Jabba the Hut from the Star Wars movies about to leer at Princess Leia.


It’s an obese monkey in a park in Japan.

The zoo keepers are putting the not so cheeky but definitely jowly primates on a diet.

It seems well-meaning visitors to the park often chuck sweets and treats over the fence into the monkeys’ area. The largest of the least likely to be swinging from a tree primates is currently at more than twice the average body weight for the species (29kg instead of 11 kg).

Maybe these monkeys were the inspiration for one of my favorite flavors of Ben & Jerry’s delightful creations.

Tasty Skink Escapes

A fisherman got a surprise when his catch regurgitated a skink.

Check out the tail which has been partially digested.


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