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Feel Good Friday – One Step Beyond

Here’s your dose of Feel Good Friday.

It’s a heavy, heavy monster sound that will get you to move your feet.

Madness with “One Step Beyond.”


Feel Good Friday – Stay Up Late – Talking Heads

I heard part of this song this morning while in the truck. I sang along until I turned the key to get out of the vehicle.

I wanted to relive the whole thing, so, lucky you, I’m sharing it as my Feel Good Friday tune.

The Talking Heads with “Stay Up Late”.

Feel Good Friday – Peter Gabriel

I’m going to hit you over the head with a Sledgehammer for Feel Good Friday this week.

This is one of those videos that turned MTV and everyone who watched it upside down.


Feel Good Friday tunes are all over the place, search for them and get your FGF vibe.


Feel Good Friday – Rock Lobster

So I’m really late to the Feel Good Friday throwdown today.

No matter.

What I’m bringing you will perk you up a bit if you’re dragging late in this day.

I present the B-52s – Rock Lobster.


Feel Good Friday – ABC Look of Love

Hip hip hurray for Feel Good Friday!

Let’s go retro candy-coated 80s pop with ABC “Look of Love”.

This goofy video makes me smile.

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Update: here are a couple more tunes – one from Marc and Beth (her first FGF video, welcome aboard).

Feel Good Friday On Vacation

I didn’t know if it would happen this year, but it is going to thanks to Sabrina’s magical healing powers.

I’m taking a vacation from work. I may not head to far from hearth and home, but I won’t be at work and that’s enough.

So in honor of my respite from the grind, I bring you the Go-Go’s.

Cheesy, yes. But just check out those big wide belts and giant hair and revel in mock the 80s fashions.

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