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Baseball Beats Fireworks

Redbird squirrel

I wrote a column for my non-digital gig about how much I really don’t enjoy fireworks like 85 percent of the rest of the good ol’ US of A.

Chicks Queens dig the longball, not the exploding fireball.

Here ya go.

“Fireworks on the Fourth eventually all fizzle out”

I’ll admit from the start that I’m not one of those black powder geeks who spend half of their gross income buying Black Cat firecrackers, bottle rockets in bulk and colorful bombs purchased under a striped tent along the roadside in the hot and humid weeks leading up to the Fourth of July.
Fireworks are just too short-lived for me to enjoy. I like my excitement in a more long-term format. The quick KABOOM and sudden splash of color across the night sky is undeniably both attention-grabbing and beautiful, but I still usually find my mind wandering before the acrid smell of the accompanying black smoke wafts into sniffing range.
Maybe that’s why I’m a baseball fan. The long 162-game season sets a pace a languid turtle could love. No clock limits the time it takes to settle the final outcome and record those 27 outs in a winning effort. Even at the midseason all-star break, the team at the bottom of the standings still has a chance to scratch and claw back into title contention.
Some fans complain the length of the game has stretched out to an interminable span, but I appreciate the longer games. It just gives me more of a chance to explore the sights, sounds and smells of the ballpark like a bloodhound on the trail of an escaped serial killer.
For me, people-watching during the game is probably more eye-catching and interesting than any fireworks display shooting streaks of flame and color across the evening’s ebony sky. Whether it’s the super stat guy who keeps score — noting every pitch, base hit and error — or the Little Leaguer staring at his idol’s every move on the diamond, swinging a tiny bat and mimicking the stance of his favorite player, I appreciate all the fans in the stands.
I also prefer my fireworks on the field. Be it a well-turned double play with the second baseman leaping and pirouetting to make the throw to first while avoiding the sliding runner or a pitcher dropping a curve ball off the table as the batter’s knees buckle, baseball is a beautiful thing.
And hey, they actually have fireworks at a lot of baseball games. None to me are more spectacular than the ones ignited immediately after a home run blasted over the fence by a player from my favorite team.
Now, don’t let me  your ruin your fondness for fireworks, whether they are the hand-held sparklers, the rat-a-tat-tat basic firecracker or the bombastic big blasts. Set them off, light up the sky and enjoy this Independence Day weekend.

Vision Quest

So I spent the majority of Monday on a day long drive from the office to a tennis match to another tennis match to a softball game and back to the office.

It was a long day, nearly 200 miles and several different towns and cities.

I spent most of it by myself in the car. Part of the time driving I was on the phone, but most of it was just good old me, myself and I.

During the course of the day I saw tears of sadness and exhaustion followed by tears of joy. The joyful emotion came not from an athlete but from a parent.

I saw heavy, black thunder clouds that transported tornadoes that ripped up a few communities I didn’t drive through.

I saw a coyote trotting through a field. I don’t know its destination, but I believe it was racing to find a safe spot ahead of the storm.

I saw a rainbow.

I think it was some sort of vision quest day.

Just Another Day at the Office

Ran across this video of folks having a web cam lip synch sing-a-long.

I’m guessing my Monday at the office won’t be nearly this fun tomorrow.

Super Bowl Commercials 2009

Edited to add: Here are all the Super Bowl 2009 commercials.

We all know frequently the best part of the Super Bowl is the commercials (except for last year’s game = great catch > Patriots undefeated one-loss season).

For those of you who can’t wait until kickoff, here’s a sampling of some of the ads that will be aired during the big game.

The Career Builder 2009 Super Bowl ad is one of my favorites that has been released early.

Baltimore Raven Ray Lewis doing ballet is also a bit out there in the Sobe Super Bowl 2009 ad.

Pedigree’s Super Bowl 2009 ad pushing their pet adoption program is also entertaining. Of course, in the spirit of clarity, I am a dog person.

Audi’s 2009 Super Bowl commercial has action star Jason Statham (one of Newscoma‘s favorites).

Of course I still love the commercial from the 2008 Super Bowl with the screaming squirrel.

Historically Dirty Jobs and Baldrick

I’ve spent the past couple of hours watching a show on the History International network about (drum roll please) The Worst Jobs in History.

Tony Robinson (Baldrick from the Blackadder series) is the host and he’s covered everything from wiping royal bums to the use of leeches in medicine and the fetching of those leeches.

Mike Rowe has nothing on these ancestors.

Here’s a bit of Baldrick from his Blackadder days totake you back to that time.


Office Rampage Video A Hoax

It seems we all got punked by the recent video flying around the Inntertubes of the dude going ballistic in the office.

Ron has the scoop over at Pop Fi.

It seems the clip was released to tease us about the new Angelina Jolie movie named “Wanted.”

If I’m going to see that movie in the theater, it will be to see Angelina, not because some viral video showed an office worker tossing computer monitors.

According to the Russian director Timur Bekmambetov on his blog (which is written in Russian, so don’t bother going over there unless you speak the language), the clip is supposed to express how we all need to escape our everyday life.

I’m guessing if the “worker” escaped that office in “real life”, the only place he was headed was to a lockdown in a jail for 24 hours or so until bail was reached and then he’d get a nice trip to court when all his coworkers sued him for mental stress, etc.

Office Worker Goes Insane Cell Phone Footage

I didn’t spot it when I watched the surveillance camera video originally, but several office mates whipped out their cell phones and started filming when an office worker went ballistic.

Here’s the view from a coworker’s cell phone with audio that includes lots of shrieking.

The man is still crazy, but in this view you can tell his adrenaline was sort of waning when they finally took him down.

Update: Apparently, the videos are a hoax and were created to help promote a movie.