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Halloween Costume Fail

Not everyone can come up with a cool costume idea and then execute it to perfection like these sushi costumes.

Often, the idea is interesting, but the final result falls short of expectations.

Two buddies or a couple opt to do a tandem costume, say Bert & Ernie.

In theory, great idea.

These creepy make-up mock-ups are more a scary pairing of Nightmare on Elm Street and Sesame Street.

Also, creepy in this pic – the pink frilly bear behind them. What?

How about we double the fun and expand things to four with The Simpsons.

Lisa’s eyes are wigging me out, but I do appreciate the fact that Homer has the appropriate liquid accessory.

And even more strange is the fact that in the background you can spot a Christmas tree. Which holiday are they celebrating?

Check out a costume based on everyone’s favorite buzzing childhood game – Operation.

Look closely and you can spot the familiar red nose. Hey, there’s the broken heart and Adam’s apple hot glued to his T-shirt, however, I don’t believe my original game included that piece attached to his left thigh.

Alrighty, let’s get our geek on now.

Gather up your friends, some garbage bags, pieces of cardboard and put on your own version of Star Wars.

You read that piece of paper in the pic correctly. That’s a blue garbage can standing in for R2D2.

Break out the silverware – we’re going to go all Wolverine on you now.

That’s right. Just don’t shave for a day, use saran wrap or packing tape to bind some butter knives and a few forks to your hands and get your X on.

The next duo’s costumes are actually well done, but they just don’t realize that in six or seven years, their good and evil paradox will likely play out all over again when they’re at the mercy of the double whammy of puberty and peer pressure.

And in 2009, the year of the celebrity death, how about an officially licensed Michael Jackson costume.

For more Halloween fails and some comic-con fails, visit and

The Simpsons and Star Trek Themes Collide

It’s Bart Simpson vs Captain Kirk or Lisa Simpson meets Spock.

Using a Theremin, a funnel and a Rhodes piano, a combination of The Simpsons and the Star Trek theme songs has been mashed together.

It’s not quite Gwen Stefani and the Soggy Bottom Boys, but it is different.

And how often do you get to see a Theremin in action.

Simpsons iPod

I want one NOW!!!!

Please !!!!!

Pretty Please !!!!

They have all varieties from shuffles to touches with three different Simpsons logos etched on.

They’re a bit pricier, but not a ton more than the regular cost and you get your name etched on it.

Cool beans, if you ask me.

Here‘s where you can order one for me.

Go ahead.

I promise I’ll say “Thank you very much.”

Los Simpsons

It’s freaky.

It’s odd.

It’s disturbing.

It’s Spanish television.

The show is “Cruz y

The skit involves a Simpsons skit with actors painted yellow sporting buggy pingpong ball eyes.

I thought the untooning pics of Homer I linked to were weird enough, but feast your eyes on this.

H/T to Laughing Squid

Untooning Update

I recently featured the photoshop work of pixeloo here at the Squirrel Queen’s palace. His reworking of Homer Simpson from yellow fellow to human flesh tones was amazing. He’s also reworked Sonic the Hedgehog and Jessica Rabbit with incredible skill.

Since then, Worth 1000 had a photoshop contest in which cartoon characters were revised into human form. The work is sharp and creative.

My favorites were Moe and half of the Beavis and Butthead tandem.

Human Homer Simpson

I love the yellow denizens of Springfield, that city that’s hard to pinpoint exactly on a map of the United States.

The Simpsons are the ultimate “nuclear” family and have been a source of inspiration and entertainment for many.

Digital artist Pixeloo has spent some time replacing Homer’s jaundiced complexion and making him a bit more human. It’s actually kind of creepy to see.

Bart’s dad isn’t the only one to get the Pixeloo treatment. He calls it “untooning” and he’s done Mario from the video game and he’s taken Jessica Rabbit from the movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” to a full-flesh forum. Vavavoom.

At his site, you can see a video of how he transformed Jessica. It’s pretty fascinating stuff.

For something even a bit weirder, a fan of Pixeloo has animated the human Homer.

Squirrel Queen Holiday DNA

About a million years ago, I was tagged by Newscoma to come up with seven interesting facts about myself. I put off responding for so long that now I’m too lazy to dig through her stuff and find her original post.

So instead, I’ve found this meme that I’m starting.

It’s of the holiday ilk, so it will provide a bit of variety to the usual meme thread about who does or doesn’t like their toast dry or buttery.

Here we go.

Rules for the game include:

1) Link to the person that tagged you, and post the rules on your blog.
2) Share Christmas facts about yourself.
3) Tag 7 random people at the end of your post, and include links to their blogs.
4) Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.

Welcome to the Christmas edition of getting to know your friends.

1. Wrapping or gift bags? both, but I like putting in the effort to actually wrap some although I’m terrible at it. When I’m done wrapping, it looks like the combined efforts of a kindergarten class.
2. Real or artificial tree?
artificial including silver aluminum
3. When do you put up the tree?
Immediately after Thanksgiving if at all possible but I’m late this year
4. When do you take the tree down?
at the last possible moment
5. Do you like eggnog
? Give me boiled custard. My grandmother used to make a home-made variety that was as thick as glue. We’d spoon it out of our glass. Mmmmmm
6. Favorite gift received as a child?
all of them
7. Do you have a nativity scene
? no
8. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? none of them. A gift is a great thing
9. Mail or email Christmas cards?
I like to Mail, but it’s just easier and more practical now to e-mail
10. Favorite Christmas Movie?
Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer
11. When do you start shopping for Christmas? I never stop looking for presents for other people – all year long
12. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? fudge and all the party dips and spreads
13. Clear lights or colored on the tree? colored

14. Favorite Christmas song? Let it snow and Silver Bells

15. Travel at Christmas or stay home? Stay at home, but we end up traveling to visit with every one
16. Can you name all of Santa’s reindeer.
17. Angel on the tree top or a star?
18. Open the presents Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning ? christmas morning although I end up opening presents both times so we can be with all the families
19. Most annoying thing about this time of year
? Crowds and grinches
20. Do you decorate your tree in any specific theme or color?
two of them are themes (I have more than one) I’ve got a Simpsons tree and an aluminum tree that I decorate in blue
21. What do you leave for Santa
? whatever I think will entice him to leave more goodies under the tree
22. Least favorite holiday song? Little Drummer boy

23. Favorite ornament? My Wizard of Oz ornaments and my Simpsons ornaments are great, but I also have some dog ornaments that I love.


Now it’s time to tag some folks. Let’s see.

I’ll put this on Newscoma, Scout, Kathy T., Ivy, Badger, Ron, Holly