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Feel Good Friday – Norah Jones

I heard this on Lightning 100 last week while cruising through Nashvegas on my way to Murfreesboro for the TSSAA girls state basketball tournament.

It’s stuck with me ever since, so I thought I would share it with you.

Norah Jones performing “It’s Gonna Be” from The Fall album she released in late 2009.

I love the organ in this one. I think that’s what pulled me in.

The performance is from “Later With Jools Holland.”

Conway Twitty Tribute Pistol

Conway Twitty Tribute Pistol

Conway Twitty Tribute Pistol

Bang, bang!

If I were to start collecting firearms, wouldn’t it be something to whip out this beauty – the Conway Twitty Tribute Pistol – for a movie-style shoot-em-up.

America Remembers (which is offering this limited edition Colt .45) ran half page ads in several newspapers across Tennessee last week. That’s how I knew the man with the voice behind “Hello Darlin‘” was being honored in “sparkling 24-karat gold artwork with blackened patinaed highlights”.

With five different portraits etched into the gun, every stage of Conway is there to gaze upon. The side above shows Twitty “at the peak of his career” and with a guitar slipped over his shoulder while wearing his U.S. Army uniform.

The other side (above) shows off a trio of portraits. I can honestly say my favorite is the one on the left which, according to the ad, “shows the singer in a relaxed pose strolling the grounds of his beloved Twitty City.” If you look very closely, you can tell Conway apparently liked to walk around his personal amusement park in a hoody sweatshirt. It really made his Nashfro hairdo look even bigger.

In addition, the pistol features Twitty’s not-quite-as-distinctive-as-Elvis’-TCB logo CT there by the hammer.

Why they didn’t use a “Saturday Night Special” type of weapon (which Conway immortalized in a song about a pawn shop robbery) instead of the Colt .45 model, I’ll never understand.

If you’re interested, get ready to shell out  $1,995.

You read that right, nearly two thousand smackeroos. There is a display case you can also purchase for $149.

Hurry, they’ve only made 300 of these collectible sidearms.

Now I’ve got to get my carry permit, because these are just too swanky to keep locked up at home. I think one would be perfect to carry into a bar or state park in Tennessee.

Titans Still Undefeated At 9-0

It wasn’t easy but the Tennessee Titans improved to 9-0 in the 2008 season with a 21-14 win over the host Chicago Bears.

The Freak, Jevon Kearse, (who has the biggest hands I’ve ever had the chance to shake) showed off his team’s record by placing a piece of tape between the 9 and the 0 on his #90 Titans jersey on the sideline in the game’s waning moments.

The running game of LenDale White and Chris Johnson had a rough day against Da Bears defense, but the Titans’ offensive line gave Kerry Collins time to throw and the Tennessee defense made big plays when it needed to in order to win. Cortland Finnegan is a beast in the secondary.

We’ll see how long these Titans can keep it up. Hopefully for a good long while, but I would trade a loss now for a Super Bowl win later.

Image via ESPN


Bloggedy Blog Blogging

I’m remiss in not doing this sooner, but I had to have time to absorb all my conversations during this whirlwind weekend trip to Nashvegas.

The beauty of the jaunt was that I managed to squeeze in time with “old” friends while getting quality conversational minutes with some “new” friends.

From our first stop at the Flying Saucer for some hops and barley beverages and cheese, the blog encounters began. Newscoma and I started by sending fab photographer Chris Wage a note at the bar. From that point on, the bloggers started rolling in to the Saucer. Hutchmo brought his sage wisdom to the bar. All the Divas – the Sista, Ivy and Ginger – were on hand. Jagalicious and hubby Dave were a real treat. From the beauty of a Chicago brat and Salvator to drill instructors to Scrubs, The Office and All in the Family. It was all discussed.

I got my first introduction to a few bloggers who most everyone else has already had the pleasure of visiting with. I think in their honor, we should start a few new fads.

First off in honor of Klinde and the German, we’ll start a new dance craze, the Klinde Hop.

And if L. Ron Hubbard can create his own religion, how about the church of El Ron Hollywood. Sports, zombies and beer – the religious triple threat.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to do much more than spy lcreekmo and her handsome young “date” at the end of the table, but maybe the next time we can share more conversation.

Later, I spent some brief, but always enjoyable, visits with La Lesley, Aunt B, Mack, Smiley and his lovely lady, Chez Bez and his partner in crime, Jackson, KateO and the fab Karsten (I really was just peeking at the illustrations. How can you beat Nancy Drew and barber shop offerings one row above devout etchings?).

A grand time was had by all, despite the Sweaty Betty beer, bleh. Not every new brew adventure turns out to be a good choice. Sorry about the “bacon” flavor Aunt B.

And many thanks to Ivy and Mr. Ivy for allowing us to crash at their abode.

Nashville is in the House

Reese Witherspoon, as the winner of the Best Actress statue last year, presents the Oscar to the Best Actor this year.

I Walk the Line indeed.

Gator wrestling

Vandy upset the No. 1 ranked Gators

Gnashvegas may have superceded Las Vegas yesterday. In Sin City, the NBA was hosting its ho-hum Slam Dunk competition, part of its All-Star weekend.

However, the basketball world got rocked a bit yesterday when on the college hardwood, Vandy upended the No. 1 Florida Gators.

The ‘Dores and their adoring fans may still be celebrating. Congrats to you all.