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WallE Kicks Kung Fu Panda Butt

Did anyone think WallE wouldn’t wallop the Kung Fu Panda hiney for the Oscar?

WallE whipped bootie to take home the Oscar.


Treasure Hunting Via Google Earth

Treasure maps are so last century.

According to the Telegraph, an LA man has now used the Internet and Google Earth to find a shipwreck that he claims is filled with silver and gold.

The location of the swamped Spanish ship is somewhere along the coast of Texas.

He is suing for the right to dig up what he believes is his treasure.

If you aren’t into sunken ships, Urlesque has the top 10 views captured by Google Street Maps, including passed out drunks, rescued kitties and bicycle accidents.

There are more unusual Street view captures at the Google Street View Gallery.

And here are some videos mocking Google’s invasive in your neighborhood vibe.

Wii’s Most Wanted Criminal

Who needs a sketch artist in the video game era?

Believe it or not, Japanese police used the Wii to create a likeness of a wanted criminal.

The Mii portion of the game, normally used to compose a game component that resembles the people playing the Wii, was put to use to come up with a representation of the long-haired, brunette man who drove a car involved in an accident.

Posters with the Mii image and a photo of the type of car involved were put up near the scene of the crash.

The Telegraph has more details on the creative Wii use by Japanese police.

Font Conference Video

Anyone who works in graphics and design develops an eye for what jumps off the page and a disdain for what is mundane.

Every flyer, sign or ad is a chance to grab someone’s attention.

The resulting layout is often an epic FAIL due to the inclusion of stale, over-used fonts.

For all those graphics folks out there who can’t turn anywhere without running into Times New Roman and the rest of the typeface gang, here’s the Font Conference Video from the College Humor Web site.

And don’t forget that Futura Bold tried to warn you.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Zombies Ahead

Is it synergy or synchronicity? (not The Police version)

I’m watching The Return of the Living Dead on IFC and simultaneously while surfing the Web I ran across this roadside zombie warning at Tech-Ex.

It certainly doesn’t suprise me that they were in Austin, Texas.

Suddenly I’m craving a late-night snack.

Perhaps brains will sate my hunger.

I Want A Disco Keyboard

Trendhunter found me a disco keyboard.

You can set it up to flash multiple colors or so that each key stroke lights individually.

It would likely get very annoying after one set of “The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.”

It’s from Luxeed, a Korean company.