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Elvis and Mama

Is it just me or does Mama have a little bit of an Elvis snarl and some hound dog sideburns? All topped off by Priscilla’s Aqua-Netted hair-spectacular.

Ahhh, the 70s.

And if I’m not mistaken the kid in this pic fell into the chocolate river and went on to be sucked up into the Fudge Room in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Poor Augustus Gloop.

I found this pic over at Gelmania, but if you want to see plenty more of the same ilk, don’t forget to stop by Awkward Family Photos. Oy!

Conway Twitty Tribute Pistol

Conway Twitty Tribute Pistol

Conway Twitty Tribute Pistol

Bang, bang!

If I were to start collecting firearms, wouldn’t it be something to whip out this beauty – the Conway Twitty Tribute Pistol – for a movie-style shoot-em-up.

America Remembers (which is offering this limited edition Colt .45) ran half page ads in several newspapers across Tennessee last week. That’s how I knew the man with the voice behind “Hello Darlin‘” was being honored in “sparkling 24-karat gold artwork with blackened patinaed highlights”.

With five different portraits etched into the gun, every stage of Conway is there to gaze upon. The side above shows Twitty “at the peak of his career” and with a guitar slipped over his shoulder while wearing his U.S. Army uniform.

The other side (above) shows off a trio of portraits. I can honestly say my favorite is the one on the left which, according to the ad, “shows the singer in a relaxed pose strolling the grounds of his beloved Twitty City.” If you look very closely, you can tell Conway apparently liked to walk around his personal amusement park in a hoody sweatshirt. It really made his Nashfro hairdo look even bigger.

In addition, the pistol features Twitty’s not-quite-as-distinctive-as-Elvis’-TCB logo CT there by the hammer.

Why they didn’t use a “Saturday Night Special” type of weapon (which Conway immortalized in a song about a pawn shop robbery) instead of the Colt .45 model, I’ll never understand.

If you’re interested, get ready to shell out  $1,995.

You read that right, nearly two thousand smackeroos. There is a display case you can also purchase for $149.

Hurry, they’ve only made 300 of these collectible sidearms.

Now I’ve got to get my carry permit, because these are just too swanky to keep locked up at home. I think one would be perfect to carry into a bar or state park in Tennessee.

Cheesy Poof Velvet Elvis

How many times have you heard the phrase “Don’t play with your food” blasted out into the atmosphere when dining in such luxurious eating establishments as McDonalds and Taco Bell?

If those unruly kids can create art with their fries and guacamole, I say let them play … that is as long as I’m seated far away from them.

Here’s some food art to tempt your palate and your creative eye …

A rendering of Elvis made from cheesy poofs and velvet.

For more from the Picasso of the french-fried potato, check out EclecticAsylumArt.

He paints with everything from chocolate sauce to mascara to ketchup and plastic army men.

Amazing stuff.

Happy Birthday Elvis

January 8 is a hip wiggling, lip curling, scarf flinging sort of day.

It’s Elvis’ birthday.

He would have been 74 today if he’d laid off the deep fried foods and slowed up on the pill popping

What’s your favorite Elvis song?

It’s so hard to choose, but I’m a bit partial to Blue Moon of Kentucky. I think it’s the simplicity of the whole thing. It was on the flip side of his big debut – That’s All Right Mama – on Sun Records. Of course Bill Monroe does a pretty fair non-rockabilly version of the tune as well.

If you want another video of the King singing about the moon, click here for his rendition of Blue Moon.

Christie’s Auction House Goes Pop (Culture)

I found this link at Mental Floss and had to share.

Everbody, break out your debit/credit cards and dream big.

The Christie’s Auction House is holding a giant auction of pop culture memorabilia tomorrow (June 25, 2008).

It covers just about everyone. We’re talking Elvis to Jack Kerouac to King Kong to JFK to Tony Soprano to John Dillinger to Hank Williams to Duke Ellington to Leadbelly to Bob Dylan to Walt Disney to Harvey Milk to Rock Hudson to Adam Sandler to Eddie Munster to Superman’s cape.

And of course you can’t use the word Pop without something from Andy Warhol.

There’s also one of the rarest vinyl records known to elude collectors.

There are about a million 328 items representing just about every celebrity in the stratosphere.

If you’re a fan of someone, there’s some mugshot, etching, AM/FM radio, autograph, camera, robe, guitar or hat to temporarily sate your stalker desires.

Every item reminded me of a different blogger and that person’s favorite things.

Go, peruse and dream.

Traveling Vicariously Via Vespa

Meet Eric and his Vespa.

They’re traveling along Route 66 this summer on a journey entitled Scoot66. The former book store owner was hoping to cover the distance in 66 days, but is running a bit behind.

He’s currently in Idaho and the weather isn’t playing nice, but the scenery there has impressed him. Idaho, go figure.

For those of us whose vacations have been derailed by real-life expenses, health, etc., we can at least travel vicariously with him as he wanders across the U.S.

Check out his journey, his rants, his history lessons, his pics and his music.

Maybe Jeffraham can rig up some sidecar sort of thing on his scooter so he and Curly and Larry Elvis and the gang can make their own crazy trek.

Elvis is Everywhere

I’ve had some new friends traveling to Memphis to visit Graceland for the first time this week. It seems they had a wonderful visit to the Jungle Room and the TV Room and the rest of the King’s property.

In honor of them, I post this video so that they can understand that Elvis is everywhere.

And I do love Mojo Nixon in all his screaming subversiveness.

And while we are on a Mojo vibe, here’s one of his “public service announcements from MTV way back when.

I think it still applies.