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Christmas on Acid – The Vestibules

More Christmas merriment to further tweak your need for alternative carols.

It’s by The Vestibules’ Christmas on Acid with visuals from most of your favorite holiday cartoons. Ahhh, nostalgia.

HT Raincoaster

Abandoned Clown Cars = Scarier Than Halloween

I ran across a couple of pics of abandoned clown cars and I’ve now given myself a case of the creepy willies (not to be confused with Groundskeeper Willy and don’t ask what I was originally looking for; I will never confess).

First there’s this little orange number.

From Panoramio.

And then, there’s this to give you an extra nightmare after you wake up in a cold sweat from the first clowns-are-chasing-me scream dream.

Found it in the comment thread on this City Noise post about the Ghost Ships of Coney Island Creek.

I can imagine this clown train previously devouring toddlers in one of these abandoned amusement parks.

While I’m at it, I’ll throw in the freaky new ad for Garmin that has officially turned me into a fan of theĀ  TomTom GPS navigational systems.

It all looks like fodder for a new Stephen King novel if you ask me. It II anyone?

Feel Good Friday: It Takes Two Shrek Mash-up

This one has something for everyone – a little Hairspray, some Shrek, Napolean Dynamite, Steve Martin and Spider Man just to name a few. And best of all, there’s MC Rob Base and DJ Easy Rock.

Christopher Walken and Cartman Do Lady Gaga’s Poker Face

You’ve always heard about actors whose talent is praised by the phrase “could read the phone book” and hold an audience’s attention.

Christopher Walken pulls off the adage, but instead of using the yellow pages, he recites Lady Gaga’s pop hit “Poker Face.”

There’s been another recent rendition of the same tune. South Park’s Cartman character breaks out his best Lady Gaga in Episode 11 “Whale Whores” of Season 13.

No bluffing, both performances are comedy gold.

Halloween Costume Fail

Not everyone can come up with a cool costume idea and then execute it to perfection like these sushi costumes.

Often, the idea is interesting, but the final result falls short of expectations.

Two buddies or a couple opt to do a tandem costume, say Bert & Ernie.

In theory, great idea.

These creepy make-up mock-ups are more a scary pairing of Nightmare on Elm Street and Sesame Street.

Also, creepy in this pic – the pink frilly bear behind them. What?

How about we double the fun and expand things to four with The Simpsons.

Lisa’s eyes are wigging me out, but I do appreciate the fact that Homer has the appropriate liquid accessory.

And even more strange is the fact that in the background you can spot a Christmas tree. Which holiday are they celebrating?

Check out a costume based on everyone’s favorite buzzing childhood game – Operation.

Look closely and you can spot the familiar red nose. Hey, there’s the broken heart and Adam’s apple hot glued to his T-shirt, however, I don’t believe my original game included that piece attached to his left thigh.

Alrighty, let’s get our geek on now.

Gather up your friends, some garbage bags, pieces of cardboard and put on your own version of Star Wars.

You read that piece of paper in the pic correctly. That’s a blue garbage can standing in for R2D2.

Break out the silverware – we’re going to go all Wolverine on you now.

That’s right. Just don’t shave for a day, use saran wrap or packing tape to bind some butter knives and a few forks to your hands and get your X on.

The next duo’s costumes are actually well done, but they just don’t realize that in six or seven years, their good and evil paradox will likely play out all over again when they’re at the mercy of the double whammy of puberty and peer pressure.

And in 2009, the year of the celebrity death, how about an officially licensed Michael Jackson costume.

For more Halloween fails and some comic-con fails, visit and

Feel Good Friday – Hey Ya Charlie Brown Style

It’s Friday. It’s July. Time for a summer song.

Let’s kick it with Outkast andCharlie Brown.

Happy Friday everyone.

WallE Kicks Kung Fu Panda Butt

Did anyone think WallE wouldn’t wallop the Kung Fu Panda hiney for the Oscar?

WallE whipped bootie to take home the Oscar.