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Nuttier Than A Squirrel Turd

I spotted this on Saturday in Paris, Tennessee and I think it applies to me.

Not a Single Lady

Beyonce’s song “All The Single Ladies” has created several youtube sensations.

Here’s one more.

This poor little boy had his dreams of being a single lady dashed by his father.


Baby Chatter

I think this kid has a future as an auctioneer.

Five Levels of Lucky

Lucky, lucky, lucky, and I’m not talking about a three-legged, one-eyed dog.

Check out the close calls in this video. There’s no gore for the squeamish among you.

Some of the reaction times by the folks in this thing are bordering on tortoise-like.

Insurance Adjusters and UFOs

Simon Donohue writes the automobile blog That Petrol Emotion for the Manchester Evening News and offered up a few questions to a claims adjuster about what  insurance companies will or won’t pay for regarding an alien attack on an automobile.

A UFO crashing into a car equals an insurance payout, but if the wreck occurs because of dodging ray blasts from a UFO, that’s not covered.

There are some more odd scenarios on the blog post covering topics like armageddon, animal attacks (not necessarily including the Geico gecko) and frozen blocks of urine falling from airplanes.

ITISY – Skunk Stink Eye

Is it bad luck if a black-and-white polecat crosses your path?

Driving home from the basketball game the night before last, I saw a creature making its way across the highway at the far reaches of my high beams. As I drove closer, I realized it bore the distinctive black-and-white markings that indicated I had spotted a skunk.

The creature was in no hurry, ambling along to the south. It had already crossed my lane and was well out of danger from my wheels when I reached it, and no other cars were approaching from the opposite direction.

During my encounter, I realized we’ve hit that time of year when the skunks are roaming about in a romantic frenzy, seeking their polecat paramour.

With no sense of urgency in its gait, the skunk paused long enough as I passed to take a peek over its shoulder before moving on toward the edge of the road. The stink eye thrown my way seemed to convey the message that this skunk meant business. No mere automobile would deter it from its journey of the heart.

I know in the weeks to come, the less fortunate brethren of this creature will litter the local highways. They’ll leave behind a scent that stings the nose, signalling their unrequited quest for love.

And now that you’re thinking about it, here’s some Loudon Wainwright III for you.

Squirrels invade Super Bowl commercial

It seems my domain is ever expanding. My legions of tree climbers are ever more pervasive. Last night, squirrels made an appearance at the Super Bowl in a Bridgestone tire ad that was one of the most clever commercials shown during the big game.

What’s not to love about a screaming squirrel and a hysterical Richard Simmons.

If you want to see all the Super Bowl commercials, go here. You can even vote on which ones were your favorites.