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Southern Food Documentaries

Today was a stuck on the couch and surf the Internet day for me.

I came across the Southern Foodways Alliance website thanks to a post over at Adrenaline’s Shadow about her craving for a hot sausage sandwich from The Big Apple Inn in Jackson, Mississippi. Maybe more importantly, she didn’t order the pig ear sandwich. What she did do was link to a documentary about the restaurant called Smokes and Ears. Wonderful stuff.

Thanks to those two sites, I’m now craving barbecue because of the documentaries by Joe York at the SFA site. He shot one about the art of Whole Hog barbecuing in Lexington which is about 40 miles from my locale here in Hoots. If it hadn’t been for all the rain and flooding today, there might just have been a road trip.

These are some amazing docs. I haven’t watched them all yet, but the man is good at what he does. It’s an excellent mix of music, visuals and interviews. He even has one about Prince’s hot chicken in Nashville.

I’ll be settling in and watching all these over the next day or so. I recommend you do the same.

Keep On

I was reading Daisy Fae’s post about regaining her mojo and getting in motion and for some odd reason this song came to mind.

Yes, I’m a child of 70s sitcoms.

Happy Blogiversary To Me!

Newscoma just celebrated the birth of her blog the other day and Kathy T. also is nearing an anniversary.

As of today, I’ve been blogging for three years.

That first post was just as goofy as most of the ones that followed it.

I don’t have a post for every one of those days since Jan. 1, 2006 – matter of fact there have been some big gaps in between posts – but if you’ve ever stopped by and enjoyed one word I typed or laughed at a pic of a squirrel snow skiing or DJing, then I’m glad I did it.

This blog has introduced me to a whole cast of people and experiences I wouldn’t have enjoyed otherwise.

Thanks for stopping by and please come again.

Happy Birthday Newscoma

Happy Birthday to Newscoma!!!!

I baked her up something special for her big day. BTW, she’s already celebrated 40.

Go wish her well on her special day.

If you don’t read her stuff, start today. If you don’t know her, you’re missing out.

Who wouldn’t want a big bite of this tasty bakery confection.

This one takes the urinal cake.

For other photos of crappy cakes and directions on how to bake and decorate them, go here.

Survivor Blogs – The Reading Tribe Has Spoken

I’m so glad Survivor is back on the air for its 17th season.

The drama, the tears, the dirty fingernails, the back stabbing – ahhh, I love it.

In addition to the hour each week I spend watching the actual show, one of the big treats of the season is my weekly reading of Entertainment Weekly correspondent Dalton Ross’ online recaps. He’s funny. He ridicules the cast members’ obvious strategic gaffes. He loves Milwaukee’s Best (and I’m not talking about the Brewers’ C.C. Sabbathia). He has crushes on some of the Survivors. He’s a fan of the show who has inside connections. In recent seasons, he’s gotten to visit the Survivor sets and run through some of the challenges as the production crew tests them out beforehand.

If you aren’t reading Dalton on Friday mornings, you’re missing out.

Now has added to my reading pleasure.

Survivor host (and Emmy winner) Jeff Probst is now also doing a blog for the online magazine. Probst, in his first two postings, has made some irreverent observations about the Survivor competitors. He’s also provided some behind the scenes info. Probst lets it slip that even the behind the scenes crew were annoyed by Gillian’s incessant cheerleading and were just as happy to see her leave the show as the tribe members who voted her out.

This Probst blog post covers the debut two-hour episode and this one highlights the second episode (what they call Episode 3 due to the extra long debut).

It’s the inside stuff like that that makes it an interesting and funny read.

It also gives you a little extra Survivor boost for the week.

Matter of fact, has recaps of several popular shows the day after they air. Most are spot-on hysterical. You’ll find them under the heading “TV Watch” on the site. It’s not just reality shows (Amazing Race, Project Runway) they cover; they watch everything from sitcoms (The Office is another good one read weekly) to dramas.

Enjoy their blogs and let me know who are you rooting for this Survivor season?

Me, I’m kind of leaning toward Sugar at the moment, but that could change with one stupid strategic move. We’ll see how it pans out.

Newscoma’s Latest Give-away – kd lang tix

Newscoma has another giveaway going on over at her new digs.

She’s handing out a pair of tickets to see kd lang perform at the Ryman in Nashville later this month.

To win, you just have to leave a comment on her post. The winner will be randomly drawn from all those who have put a “how do you do” on her blog with the winner announced on Oct. 15.

Go on over there and good luck.

Prairie Dogs Shimmy Shake

We’ve all been swayed by the dramatic prairie dog.

Now, it’s time for a new video of our burrowing buddy.

I present you Shimmy Shake

I found this over at the Bunnytude blog.

She also has the cute original version of the laughing prairie dog and lots of pics of her lovable Moose, the majestic St. Bernard.

Now you’re thinking about the original dramatic chipmunk prairie dog. Check him out here.