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“Everything’s OTAY”

President Squirrely McBush took to the airwaves last night to try to convince Merica what a great job he and the Repubs are doing with his State of the Union address.

He told us we’re addicted to oil. No joke. This is coming from a known oil baron and his filthy rich cronies and it rides on the heels of Exxon posting its grossly greedy quarterly profits one day earlier. Ponder that as you get passed by 42 dozen SUVs and giant RAM trucks on your way to and from work today.

Oh yeah, and everything is peachy for the US on a global scale. We’re the ball busters of the planet and we’re going to poke the eyes out of anyone who deigns to disagree, aggressively or passively.

Also, note Cindy Sheehan was kept out of the building because she refused to give up her right to free speech by changing T-shirts. Apparently, the Bushies were afraid a little dissent might take the air out of the big bubble of crap they were floating our way. I guess their wire tap of her didn’t catch any fashion discussions before Dubya’s big speech, so they weren’t preparted. Or maybe the FBI Minnesota office didn’t get the info to the Washington bureau in time or they just ignored the briefing they received.