I Want A Trained Drinking Monkey

Oh where oh where can I order one of these?

I don’t care so much about the pickpocket option, but I would be interested in one that doesn’t fling its own poo. Or anyone else’s poo for that matter. No poo flinging in general, just to be clear.

Oh, and non-smoking of course.

Via: Sober in a Nightclub

4 responses to “I Want A Trained Drinking Monkey

  1. whoa – i just realized that the short, crotchety guy who hangs out at my local pub is possibly a trained drinking monkey!

  2. Daisyfae, is he of the smoking or non-smoking variety?

  3. I love this. I must have one. Searching for a vendor now.

  4. Girl, please do share with the rest of us if you find a source for these beasts.

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