Betty White Does Portland

Since my visit, I’ve always felt Portland, Oregon was one cool city that would be a great place to live and now think I have a new favorite publication – The Portland Mercury.

The Mercury held a poll allowing readers to pick the cover art for an edition.

What did the citizens of the fair city of Portland come up with to grace their Mercury?

How about Betty White in a metal bikini wielding a flaming chainsaw while riding on the back of a centaur with John Ritter at its head.

Here’s the rendition of that as compiled by artist Andrew Zubko.

I know you are as impressed as I am.

I heart this greatly!

6 responses to “Betty White Does Portland

  1. Samantha, indeed it is slathered in Awesomesauce!

  2. I love Betty White and cannot blame her one bit for looking so upset in this picture. Why does Jack Tripper get to be the front of the horse when he can’t even ride on a 10-speed without falling over?

  3. John Ritter looks pretty buff for a dead guy. He also has no – uh – horse bits. Is that what Betty used the chainsaw for?

  4. Aunt Feminina, it just makes Betty White’s ability to stay astride the wobbly Tripper just that more impressive.

    kyknoord, note the look of fear on Ritter’s face. I think that is the clue we were looking for to explain the lack of naughty bits.

    Necromancer, there’s a salve for that.

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