Tech Tattoos and Geek Ink

Tattoos aren’t just for bikers anymore.

Now geek coders are just as likely to be showing off ink as a truck driver or sailor.

Idyll Ramblings has some tech tattoos for you to peruse.

Here are a few examples.

From the coding world, it’s endless love and the end of hate.

How about the blue screen of death.

There are also some gaming tats and ink for design geeks too at Idyll Ramblings.

For more unusual tattoos, indulge your sweet tooth and check out these cupcake tattoos.

4 responses to “Tech Tattoos and Geek Ink

  1. i have a friend with a protein molecule tattooed on his shoulder blade. he did his PhD research on it… another geek friend has a DNA ring around his upper biceps. i think both are ridiculously hot. but i’m a middle-aged she-geek. no big surprise…

  2. I think most of these tattoos are really neat. There are also some really amazing ones over at the link I put in to food tattoos.
    For me the creative and personal side of tattoos (like your friends’ tattoos) make them so much cooler than just barbed wire around a bicep or a generic butterfly or tramp stamp. I don’t have one, but I think it’s only because I haven’t come up with a design or idea that I can commit to forever. Maybe someday.

  3. These technological tattoos will get dated really quickly, such as when iPods, iPads and Linux take over the world and nobody remembers what a fatal exception in Windows was any more. The HTML tags might last a little longer, or until Flash takes over.

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